Its 3 !

Monday, May 11, 2009

Yo ~~ Happy 3 month-versary !


Today i went McD with Alvix ... He fetched me with his brand new car , Camry ~ We ordered a McValue Lunch - McChicken with Regular French Fries and soft drinks and McFlurry... I dunno what happened but the staff gave us 2 set of McValue Lunch with the price of 1 set .... Guess what ? Grab it and run ! LOL ~ How mean ~~~ i planned to give it to my mom as temporarily mother's day lunch coz her present will be sent home on Tuesday or Wednesday ~ My sis will bring it back ... Then i got an extra one now, so i give it to my dad and bro ~ let them share or whatever ... There are still leftover french fries we havent finished on the table ~ I dun think i will eat it ~ Its fat ! I just ate half of the burger and i felt im extremely fat ! Yeah , so i decided to go joggging after finished some stuff ! Yeah walk 3 rounds and run 1 round ~ Tomorrow i will jog again with Cheah maybe =) Or i will be teaching her some Yoga pose babe ! Yippie ~

Just finished watch The Epic Movie , it was hilarious ! Given by Jonathan ~ Thanks lot ! It is dirty and funny ~ LOL ... Pussy ~~~~

Do you guys love my new layout ? Gime some comment please ~ Thank you !!

p/s: My B is back !


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