I Can Relate to Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Saturday, May 9, 2009


This movie reminds me of being in a relationship with someone as playful as Connor Mead. However, i am the act of Connor Mead , playful and flirting around . Well my first date together and i dump him in 1 day . Okay im sorry about it ! After that, another i dump him in less than 2 weeks . He treats me so well like nobody before .... Well i just have to admit im immature and irresponsible ... Yet, this havent finished ... Another havent even started but i already feel bored about it... And i believed in Karma ~ What goes around comes around ... Thats it , and i do have the experiences that the bad falls on me ~ Guess i just should think wiser before do such thing ... Im happy that im free from such immature and naive mind , i've grown up and think wiser now ... Plus, im lucky to have him in my life now ... Cherish , thats what im thinking now =D

Btw this movie is a romantic comedy with stars Matthew McConaughey, Emma Stone and Jennifer Garner. When the famed photographer and womanizer Connor Mead ( Matthew McConaughey ) is forced to face his past at his brother Pauls's ( Meyer ) wedding, he re-evaluates his actions when he comes face-to face with the Ghosts of Girlfriend Past, Present, Future, and his deceased uncle to connect with his first and only love, Jenny (Jennifer Garner )

I believe it will makes all the womanizer awake ~ What a nice movie and i will watch with him soon =)

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