Hoooooooray im bored -.-

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Im extremely bored . Oh god, my hometown is boring ! My bro is going back to KL soon ~ im going to be so lonely then ... just me , dad , mom and my dogs ~ My poooodles !! when can i get u ? My mom said next month ! Yea yea ~ I will be going back Kampar then ...

Went to town just now , crowded ! I walked around and saw my friend, Sarah with her mom ... Its been a long time didnt catched up with her .. Arghh she pointed her fingers on me and giving me a smile with a little bit pervert ! Ahaha ~ anyway i know what she meant ...

I havent log in my Facebook for quite a while ~ Updated my restaurant city ~ Clean up and feed my employees ~ Then play some quiz ... but that might ruined my life ... i took the quiz "Do you really love him/her ? " the result is " He is not the one " , i was like wtf ?!? [ You are not in love with your signifigant other, you may think you are but, youre really not. My advice is to break it off before you miss your chance for true love. Sorry about your luck ] Then i took it for the second times , the result is "Mildly-In-Love" ~ wtfwtfwtfwtfwtf ?!?! [There are most definitely feelings there, maybe even strong feelings but, your not in-love. I'm sure in time you can find "the one" but, you currently have not]

Im not believing this quiz ~ Not accurate at all ! Hmph ~!


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