Hard Bone

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I do some yoga just now , PHEW ~! My bone are soooo hard !!! PAIN PAIN PAIN ~~~! I've been gaining lots of weight since sem break , SO i was trying to stop eating oily food and high calories food ~ HOWEVER , Yday i ate Char Kuey Tiao with Allen and Jonathan ....Today , i ate FRENCH FRIES and CHOCO SUNDAE ! Allen bought it and forced me to eat .........somemore say why diet till so upset and depress ? As long u r happy with wat you eat .... Washing my brain ~ ~ ~ ~ Plus , my mom cooked CHICKEN CURRY !! Oh gosh , what do you think ?

Wait ...

Havent finish yet ...

Tomorrow night will have dinner with CK , Seng Le , KK , Jonathan , Henry and Allen .. Its a steamboat dinner ~ All you can eat ~! Imagine it.............

Cant wait to stab myself or cut off my tummy !


We will be watching Night At Museum 2 tomorrow ~ I bet it will be more hilarious than the first one ! Besides, i've already watched Monster Vs Aliens ... Its a so so movie but its quite funny ~ And im watching Igor now ~~~~

BuByez ~


Hello !

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