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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just finished watching Star Trek with my gang ~ This is thumbs up movie ! Go to watch now ~ Spock is the one who act in the Heroes as Sylar ...

It was CK's first time to go cinema ...
Luckily she didnt feel bored ~

Im waiting Transformer 2 , Angels vs Demons , Aliens vs Monsters , 17 Again and Night At Museum 2 ~

Just changed my layout ~ Any comment ?

Its simple and nice

Also, EMPTY ! =D

Sorry for inconveniences =(

My my my my poker group is coming to my town at 18 May ~

Yeppie ~

Poker Boobs had just owned a Viva car ~ Cooo-ool !

Here is what happening recently :

My dog's underwear ~ LOL ! [ Its Pikachu ! ]

I even cut a hole behind the underwear just to fit its tail ~

Beautiful tree ~


Look its raining there ...

Meet Cadbury ~ Sheny's and Cassie's new puppy ~ She is as sweet as cadbury chocolates

I saw this weird uncle running topless ... i know its hot recently but not topless okay ?

I know it dont suit me ~ anyway its my bro's =x

Lastly , this is what im chewing during my holiday ~ Digesting .....

Its pretty simple yet need ur thinking and ideas
from my bro too ...


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