Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wedding seems so perfect , but there is something hidden that will drives u crazy ~ Lotsa things to annoy ! Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect , dont cha ?

I saw some Vera Wang's wedding gown in the internet ~ Hawt ! Hawt ! Hawt ! So elegant yet PRICY !! Designer's clothes memang cantik ~~~~~

Currently my brain is quite BLANK !

What to say ?

Oh yaya ~ I will go to KL to find Baby V with Alvix and Mr Goh ! Hope i can go there successfully ~ Because i will cant let my parents knew , or else u will see my head spinning on the ground . My parents treat me like a child ! Oh please , im 18 going on 19 !! Come on , why cant u see im growing up and getting more mature ? No longer those kiki lala girl anymore ~ Btw im telling my mom i will go Ipoh with Alvix ~ How bad i am ..... But i went to Penang twice and i never told my mom before too ~ I guess they dont know ? Yea , sorry mom and dad ~ =(

But i cant wait to see my darling V ! Its been ages i havent see her flat owh flat boobs !! Btw she suit flat flat boobs , look cute on her and she loves it too ~ ( her boobs not that flat anyway , just ...... *ahhemm* ) We gonna hang out and shopping together ~ I need to buy some dresses to attend some wedding ~ Besides i also need to buy some new clothes , everytime open the same old closet and see the same old clothes ! What a bored life ~ I will move on my degree on 1st of June , cant wait to have fun in degree ~ Hope i did choose the course i wanted ! Also, i hope everyone can successfully move on to their degree just like what i wished for ~ God bless us

* finger crossed *

Today finally finished fighting over math's war ! Overall it wasnt as easy as i expected ~ The questions is complicated and need a few mins to interpret it . Darn it , I did not sketch a graph in the graph paper but i did sketch the graph in the answer paper ~ How clumsy i am ? I did not read the question carefully " Sketch the graph #$!$@%#^$^@%#&$* in the graph paper given " Careless and i lost 3 marks ...... *Sigh* Plus , i just "ngam ngam" finished the question before 2 mins till times up ~ Who the hell gets to check all questions in 2 mins ? However , im glad that i finished answer all questions even though some just simply write based on my stupid theory ! Ahahaha i even wrote my theory and the conclusion , hope they will understand =) The last questions last last questions really hard la ~ Even our sifu *Ah Mi * also said hard ~~~ Because im running out of time , so i just have to use other unrelated formulae to solve this unsolvable questions ~

* What a dumbass *

Someone is crying over something that makes me jealous ~~~ Continue cry la ~ Keep on cry hardly !


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