Sushi King Day

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Sorry Ah Mi T_T

Sorry Sing Ee Also T_T

Meet the Minister Of Cleanliness , Miacco

Waiting for you ~~

Left : Minister Of Cleanliness Right : Minister Of Finance

Feeed Me ~~~

Look at thesee ~

Ah Ching , Sheny , Sing Ee , Miacco , Alvan , Rae , Vivi , Caren

Its Sushi King Member Card's Day AGAIN ! This time , its not the same as last year ~ Because its full of peoples , Crowded !!! I dislike it ~ U need to queue up like for 1 or 2 hour +++ ~

However , we are lucky enough to queue-jump ! Rae them have been waiting since 10 am till 12 pm ~ We arrived there at around 12.15 pm and waited for around 15 min then we entered ~ haha queue-jump successfully ! People behind us complained to the manager ~ but we didnt bother it because Caren said " Dont bother them la ~ Said we go sign attendance and come back to join us geh ~ Whats wrong ? " Oklo ~ Ahaha !! The manager did ran out and said " DONT DONT DONT DONT DONT DONT EVER QUEUE JUMP ! " but who cares ? Ahahaha ~ Thanks them for letting us queue-jump ~

Sorry la ~ we are just tooooooo hungry !!! For the first time , eat sushi till so suffer that need to see the timing and snatch unagi and salmon with others ~ What a desperate poker group ? You will never thought there will be such things happened ! When those prawn are going to be put on the table ~ everyone stop eating and look at them ... Their eyes .... are full of hunger ~ All i can see from their eyes is SUSHI !

After that we go walk walk ~ Long time didnt pull a trolley and listen to the song " Stop And Stare - The One Republic " ~ We used to push a trolley and we did stop walking and stare at each other at the chorus of this song ... Ahahaha !! 4 Siao pos ~

[ p/s : Unfortunately Allen unable to join us ~]

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