Survived !

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today ... i am so motivated ! So i decided to go to gym ~ I run on this machine tat burn fat easily but very suffer and difficult ~ My motivation help me to run on this machine for 40 minutes ! So happy i did it , but feel lil hard to breath ~ Besides ,i also cycle with Allen ... He challenge me see who can run further ~My result is 6.2Km and his result is 6.5Km =( I saw a cute girl running and plenty of guys smiling at her to give a good impression ~ LOL

After that , i went home and took a 20 minutes nap ~ Then Sing Ee came and fetch me to go to yoga class ~ How incredible i am ~ i did manage to survive after the yoga class ~ Just feel a lil bit dizzy ~ However it was worth it ~ Hahaha

Gambateh ! Work hard to look nice on dress ~


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