Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I've been missing a few days coz i am quite busy these few days ~ Due to the reason yday went yoga again ~ my back bone feels like broken ~ Its okayyyy coz i learned how to enjoy the PAIN ! Struggling to maintain the pose and enjoy the process ~ PAIN !

Last week , i went to "Chan Siu Yeh" to eat claypot chicken rice that recommend by Jason. Sorry to say tat there is nothing special . I dun understand ~ It taste like other just slightly better smell ~

Overall for the claypot chicken rice , i will rate it C - . Whopps ~

Then, just now i went to eat "Ham Dan Fan" that recommend by Jason ~ Ermm , okay okay lah ~ i think near my hometown , Sungai Nibong there is a stall is so so much better ! It is well-known in our hometown ~ i bet everyone live there knew it ! It taste sooo much better than this ... The only special thing about this "Ham Dan Fan" is cooked by using charcoal but not gas stove ~ Quite "stone age" , maybe it will taste better by using charcoal ~ Who knows ? However, we did try another stall beside it , aww tat is even worst ! Soooo salty ~~~~~

Overall for the "Ham Dan Fan" , i will rate it C+

Sorry =(

After that , i went to nearby boutique and try some new clothes ~ Allen said it looks like curtain but i like it ~ Just the quality is bad and it cost quite high ! RM62 for this shity ? worth ?

Today , Cassie recieved a phone call then she looked at us and said "Ah King is lost !" We were like what ? how ? why ? After the class , Sing Ee fetch us back to Sheny's house and search everywhere ~ We walk around from KTAR to Grand Kampar Hotel ~ But we still cant find her ... We miss you , Ah King ! Please come back ! We go home and feel bad about it ... Then Sing Ee fetch us go to pet shop and see some puppies to help us feel better ~ Thank you Sing Ee =) We saw Beagle that looks like Hush Puppies , Chiwawa that looks as thin as Paris Hilton , Pug that look so funny and some weirdo mix breed puppies ~ Besides , we saw a cage full of hamster that is hyper active and they climb all over the cage just like doing acrobatic performance ~

[ p/s: Ah King is our dog !]

We saw a lizard ?

Not satisfied with my mid term result ~

Last Sunday , i cooked lunch by myself ~ i mean the first time i fried tomyam noodles ~ Thank god Allen said it taste good ! Yeah feel so good to eat food that cooked by myself ~ Allen is so obssessed with french fries ~ but with a more saving ways to eat it , he decide to fry by himself ... He bought some potatoes and slice them into pieces , then fried it ~ taste just like french fries =)

My first fried tomyam noodles ~

Last saturday , Shyn went Kampar and find us ~ She brought along her lovely friend ,Christine... We did have so much fun ! Btw , she changed a lot ~ She doesnt look like a teacher but hottie ! Even though abit seafood jor ~ Haha its okay la =)

Christine , Jar and Shyn !


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