Medical Checkup

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Last Tuesday,

I went Hospital Fatimah to medical checkup ~ At first , we dunno where to go ... So we called Louise and asked her ....

Allen said " Hello , Louise ar ~ Do you how to go to Hotel Fatimah ? "

Louise replied " Hello , Yea ~ Hotel Fatimah right ? Jusco there turn left ~~~~~"

Are we going to Hotel Fatimah or Hospital Fatimah ? Ahahahaha !

Thank god im alright !!!

Just a medical checkup without any medicine and it costs me RM50 ~~

After that, we went for lunch at Jusco ...

Kenny Roger's Roaster ~

Then he bought me a Baskin Robins ~

All i can see is high calories ...

Its okay la ~

Once a while ...

Peppermint Chocolates will always be my FIRST choice !!!

Love it <3

Gotta pack my things to go BBQ Farewell Partayyy with my classmates !

Hooraay !!

[ p/s : i would like to apologize for fetch poker boobs and poker head late for the yoga and delay to the next day , Sorry =( ]


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