Fate brings us together

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I was soooo lucky to found my long ago friend where we meet in a camp - Outward Bound School [ OBS ] I just simply press to some people's blogs and found her name ! I clicked into it and found out THATS HER !! Luckily she still remember me , because we get sore eyes together in that camp ! In 7 days , you will have incredible experiences and meet wonderful peoples ! Kayaking in the middle of the sea where u cant see the land and kayak for 3 hours ~ It is soooo tiring but fun ! Solo camp in a jungle ! Camp at the seaside ! Group camp at lakeside and even more ! You will never ever get another camp like this ! I am highly recommend you guys to join it , because it is so fun that u can meet sooo many people all around m'sia , not just nearby ur hometown ! My instructor is from New Zealand , if im not mistaken ~ Outward Bound School is the second oldest school in the world ! You will love it =)

[ p/s: the price will be quite high =( ]

Btw , i recieved a email from OBS and it is recruiting all the exbounders to gather ~ They even send me a registration form ~ I was thinking should i go ? Coz i will be having a sem break soon ~ Should or should not ? I am quite shy to meet them coz we havent meet for so damn long [ 4 years ! ] Still recognize me ? Hopefully !

Next week will be our very last week of foundation ! My lovely TB6 , i really miss u guys ~ It is so fun to know you guys esp. my poker group ! Also 2 little crab - Jar and Louise ! After that , we will never have so much time hanging out together like we used to ~ But we definitely will continue to attend our yoga class to keep in touch ! I will continue my degree with a siao po , Sheny ! Everyone dont ever ever forget me because i will never forget you guys !

Plus , we had a childish game today in lecture class


Recently , we were so obssessed with dogs ! Our topic - dogs dogs dogs puppies puppies puppies ~ Ah Mi had decided to buy Beagle and Sheny that is desperate for dogs after Ah King lost decided to save money to buy West Highland White Terrier ~ She keep on asked me and Sing Ee to buy and match ours and hers together ~ After they give birth , we sell it to others with high price ~ As an investment ~LOL it seems soo soo far away ~ But i really like dogs =) i will think about it !


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