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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hey Hey Hey ~ Is it a miracle ? Everytime i blog hopping , i always found someone related to him/her .. My friend's friend also my friend's friend ~ however my friend (1) and my friend (2) does not know each other ... What a small world !!! Btw not once but many times ~ Plus, i blog hop quite far far far away ~ Here's another case , my friend's friend from PJ and intro to me , Just by chatting a few mins and realized he knew my friends that is from Ampang !! What a small world !!!!!!! Life's good with lotsa friends !!!! Treasure ~~

I've got something quite serious happened to me lately ~ There is a black spot when i look around for every seconds every minutes every days every months since last year ( May ) ... This phenomena is known as "Eye floaters". It is a condensation in the vitreous jelly of the eye. I thought it will be disappear because my friend told me its a normal phenomena ~ I trust him because he know everything , thats why we called him Prof Jonathan ! However , it never gets better but getting worst ~ From one eye to both eyes ~ Now i got the black spot on my both eyes ... Today i went to specialist , however its closed ! Blame myself for waking up lately ~ Im afraid i might lose my sight ... Then i cant watch TV anymoreeeee ~ Cant hang out with my friendssss ~ Cant do this do that ~ Oh jezz just heal my eyes ... My mom did bought me lotsa expensive pills that good for eyes ~ Carrots and grape ~ Thank you =)

Here , i would like to apologize to my weight because i ate MANGO today !

Sweet sweet sweet and it is FAT FAT FAT !

Dont you think its funny ? My mom cover the area with these paper and clothes just to prevent the oil splatting out from the wok ~ LOL ! Cute mama

He is my another god dog ~ I love him !!


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