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Friday, April 3, 2009


Our boring lecture !

Sheny talking on the phone in the class !

Secretly ...

the drama ~

the dancing part


Blue belt ? Ignore the shoes ~

or white belt ?

without belt ?


Fashion failure !

Ahahaha ! Copy from Mi's bloggie

No sneakers with one piece dressss

Thumbs Up !

Random photo of us ~ Before going to Yoga

Yes , i've been missing for two days ~ where i've been ? Ipoh ! Oh god ~ i just realised how boring it is ~ i mean the night life ... its just 12 am and there is nobody ~ we passed by to those famous club but ended with going home ~ because when we look into the club ~ there was NOBODY ! =_= !! If we knew earlier ~ we already went to Penang .... Arghh ~ just bored !

Yesterday night i went to a drama "Accidentally In Love " , It is quite disappointed ~ Luckily there was some interesting and funny part ~ But the PA system really sucks ... When we went into the heritage hall , we saw many weirdo looking at us like a weirdo ... Swt ! We just wear nicer coz we were going to Ipoh after that ... Jaraldine wear a dress and the staff said it is not long enough ~ then she pull the dress lower ~ Then only we can enter , the problem is that we saw someone wearing sleeveless and low chest shirt ~ i am wondering that why she can enter ? Plus, there was so so many ppl wearing scarf and even gown ! Walao ehh ~ its just a drama ...

Btw, April 2 is a very important day for Sing Ee ~ Because it was her bf, Trio birthday ~ So i fetch her back to Air Tawar and i drive her car back to Kampar ~ At night , Allen and i went to Ipoh ~ Honestly it was bored ! We drive there without a clue ~ no where to go ... However we went back at 4 am ~ Super energetic Allen still managed to go to Ipoh again at the early morning to buy McD as our breakfast while i was sleeping in Kampar ~ I skipped the 8 am class but manage to rush to 10 am class ~ Then, i was thinking where to go later ... And i suggest to go to Ipoh for a movie ? I thought they will disagree but they cheer and agree ! So just after the class , we went Ipoh ~ Before the movie , i fetch Yee Shan to Maybank to register some BSN matter ~ Just because Maybank is opposite their boy boy's school ~ They seems extremely hyper excited and keep on look thru the window to the school just to see their boy boy ~ How sweeeet ~ After that we managed to watch The Fast And Furious 4 ! Super coool ~ we arrived there at around 1.30 and the movie is going to start at 1.40 ~ Lol luckily its commercial time ... After watching it , Yee Shan and Ah Mi keep on say later dun imitate them ok ? cool down ~ slow slow slow ~ LOL !! they afraid our Kelisa will become motor ~~ After that , we went for a window shopping ... Again ! we went to MNG and tried some cool outfits ! There was nobody in the fitting room but us ~ Then , Sing Ee called us and fetch her at bus stop ~ Too bad there was a traffic jam , so she waited quite a long time ~ Paiseh Paiseh ! Then we went back Kampar while Sing Ee is so happily sharing her nights with her boy boy in the car ~ It rain quite heavily !

Then at night i went to drama with Louise and Jar Jar ~ After that we went Ipoh again as i mention above ~ LOL my blog's order is abit of messy ...

Dun get jealous my babe Veeiean ~ We will have such fun together someday !!I love ya my buddy !!


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