April Foooool ~

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yes , today is April Fool ~ The naughty Sheny planned to fool someone .... *Ahhemm* Naughty Naughty ~ but 3 of us also agree ... LOL even Sing Ee give some opinion on it !

Waiting for tonight ~

Just after the test , i will fetch Sing Ee back ~ then i can go ipoh ... Feels like going for a movie ? But he said go clubbing ~ Ahhh no mood for clubbing ~ Shopping maybe .... Hunting !!

Yesterday , i twisted my arm while yoga-ing ~ freaked out ! Then when im home , i still have to do hand exercise ~ Waaaa ~ so tired !! After that, i cooked my dinner ~ Guess what ? A healthy meal for diet ~ Scrumble egg with tomato and long beans , 2 piece of high fibre toast bread and a cup of sugar free soya bean drinks ~ I think the meal is more suitable for breakfast .... =)

Gotto do revision coz i will be having a maths test later ~ Cant wait to go Ipoh tonight ! Yipeeee ~~~

Happy April Fooool ~!!


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