Monday, March 16, 2009


Just finished yoga class ~ ha ................ dunno what to say ~ All i can say is it is tearing me apart ! Walao eh ~ tear tear tear ~ some postures i can do without pain ~ but some is killing me ~ I thought im the only weirdo that hope the time can pass as soon as possible ~ weird mind thinking right ? but after the class , then i only know not only i am the one who think so ~ Ah Mi and Sing Ee think so too ~ Hahaha ~ I am very sure this yoga can help me to slim down ~ because it feels more likely torturing than relaxing ~ After the class , feel so refresh ~ toxic in my body seems like gone ...pretty cool but it does need DETERMINATION to continue ~ because it is very pain ~ No lie ~ hope i can get motivated and continue it coz now i can feel the pain all around my body ~ sooo nice isnt it ? X_X

This is more likely a slim down yoga ~ when the instructor explaining the posture , she keep looking at me and said yes this can slim down ur thigh and waist ~ Oklo ~ thank you lor ~ i know im overweight FAT , so .... *ahhemm* i will work hard ~



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