Sunday, March 15, 2009

I feel so so dizzy after cleaning up my room ~ my room is extremely messy ~ here it is ~

Before :

p/s: im sorry, just ignore my wallpaper ~~

After :

My tidy room wont last long , so better see it and feel it before its too late ~ Sooner or later it will become messy again just like before , no doubt !

Tomorrow im having yoga class with my poker group ~ Cant wait to rip myself apart , just kidding ~ hope i will not end up in the hospital...

Chit Chat in Yee Shan house for 9 hours ~

Sorry we just love to chat till get someone home so we can continue our topic ~

Whoops , no offense ... we are not mean girls , no ~~~

Left to right : Poker Head , Poker Ass , Poker Face ( Me ) , Poker Boobs ! Behind : Cassie and Ah Tan ~

Saturday got replacement class ~ So i decided to stay Kampar with Allen ~ On Friday night , we went Tesco ... Bought a medium size salmon (slurr) and some pork ( Non-Halal ) ~ We enjoyed it ~ Friday night we suppose to go Setiawan Shabu Shabu with CK , Seng Le , Allen and KK ~ But we couldnt come back so we cancelled it ~ But our desire for Shabu Shabu force us to D.I.Y ! LOL

Ignore the decoration ~ Im sorry it wasnt ART ! Focus on the salmon and the meat

the PORK for Shabu Shabu ~

Just a random photo of mine ~
How do you like me now ?

Cant stop thinking how to die on Monday maths quiz ~ What a lovely Monday !

Also , i will be having a mid term test on Wednesday , Social Pyschology ...

All i can say is ...
Amitabha bless me
Jesus bless me
Allah bless me
Vishnu bless me


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