Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yesterday ~ suddenly feel energetic and woke up quite early ~ Then i decide to curl my hair to school ... a sudden decision ~ haha too bad nobody notice the change in me =( After the class , Ah Mi's sayang , Ah Sum come as well as Sheny's boy boy , Shane come too ~ then they decide to go waterfall ~ then asked me and Sing Ee to come along ... Yippie ! After the class , around 12pm ~ we went home and get ourself ready and go at 1 pm ~ Btw its a short journey , erm just near lah ~ LOL ! We park down the hill and walk up there ~ i drove there once and the roadway is small and steep ! the road can only fit one car ~ i mean "ngam ngam" that type ~ Perfect fit ... i dunno what to do when there is a car coming on the front way ~ who is gonna reverse on this steep land ? Extremely dangerous ! We walk there for around 10 mins + ~ sooo tired to walk up there , tired like a "prawn" ! Everyone is breathless and asking "are there yet ? " When we arrived the waterfall ~ everyone was like "OWH FINALLY !!!!"

How do i look like ? i mean the hair ~ not my mouth coz i think it looks like a duck =_=

MC's pony tail ! Hahaha

Inilah mereka !

The sweet Mi & Sum

Poker's feet

Allen & Me

So lonely meh ?

Connected ~

We heart Yoga !

Fighting ~ Ahaha

Tengok mereka !

The boy's group


Ah Mi laughing Sheny !!

Eyebrow "bo liao"

The another sweet couple

Sing Ee looks so pretty ~

them again ~

depressed ?

" photo ? photo ? take photo ok ? "

Poker Group ~ Lalala

Us ~

Me & Sing Ee

Mi & Sing Ee

splash water just like a lil child hahaha

After that we cant rush to the maths tutorial class because of the security ~ fetch Sing Ee go in to uni oso cant ~ then i just scold him " FUCK YOU ! " damn pissed off ~ So we skipped class together and went to KFC to have our meal ~ Damn its so so high calories !!! After that we went back uni for the social pyschology tutorial class and i called the security department and complained to them , I act as a mother of a daughter and complained them ~ Ahaha the head of the department said okay , im sorry ~ i will try to handle the problem ! Of course u gonna solve the problem ~! u asked us to walk out from the uni to the entrance ? u think its very near ? u try walk and see ~ even the security also ride motor to patrol , what about us ? we paid you guys to walk here like a cow ? Think about it !!

A stray puppy that stay at Ah Mi's house area ~

His name is "jut jut" ~ Cute ~~~


Hello !

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