Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yesterday finished my social pyschology test ~ so far so good ~ teehee , lucky me ! After the test , we went to pasar malam with my poker group ... i saw many tempting ~ oily ~ high calories ~ food , really irresistable but i can resist it [ temporary ? ] i bought some "siew mai" and many many vegetables as my dinner ~ oil free , phew ~ Then i meet Allen and Jonathan there , so i followed them back ~ Yesterday night , we suppose to have our yoga class but we cant make it coz we got the test till 7 pm ~ thats why we changed it to Thursday night ....

Feel quite tired back from Uni but not sleepy ... I've been having constipation for 4 days ~ Today finally ended ... Why ? [ no explaination needed , haha ] I had a stomache in the middle of the night , the pain woke me up for several times ~ Then Ah Mi and Rae fetch me unexpectedly earlier today ... freaked out and accidentally poured my drinks all over the floor while my phone is ringing ... i dunno i should picked up my phone first or mop the floor first , coz i dunwan let them to wait me too long yet i dunwan disturb my housemates who is sleeping ~ paiseh paiseh ~ then we went to school and found out our class is locked ~ and someone is inside there ... sound fishy ~ the door knob spoilt d , thats why ~ We had an funny activity today , which is Social Perception , means something like "judge the book by its cover" thingy ~ Our tutor showed us some photo of unknown person ~ then ask us to write anything about it ~ non verbal cues ~ funny lah , any type of story oso got just based on our imagination ...such as " The golf player is looking at his ball and thinking whether got get into the hole ? " Hahaha sound so "A" ... What a relaxing tutorial class we had today ~

While in the lecture class , Sheny showed us a video of an unknown person show his "birdy" and masturbate thru the webcam , her bf played with the guy while Sheny record it and save it as a video ... then she showed us the video ~ seriously the guy have a really little tiny birdy ~ hahaha the video pass here and there ..everyone is laughing and teasing the guy ~ poor guy , but u deserve it ~ haha silly guy , are u so desperate ? Duh ~

Later , 3 pm will go to Sheny's house to do assignment ~ then we will go to yoga class ... I am wondering what kind of torturing pose we are gonna do today ... crack my bone instead of torturing me ~ LOL its really quite suffer ~ the 1 hour pass so slowly , always looking at the clock " why does it pass so slowly ? " , how am i gonna make it ? lets see it tonight ~ stay tune ...

[ p/s : can i have a Blackberry cell phones ? ]


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