Shabu Shabu

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last Saturday , i went Shabu Shabu with Seng Le , Ck and Allen ~ This is crazy ... we eat like we owned this restaurant because you can take whatever you want but if u wasted then you will be fine 100gram for RM5 ~ so never waste any food ... Seng Le , he is crazzzy ~ he have a incredibly good appetite ... he ate so so much food , steamboat for 3 round ... but us ? 2 round already full to the max! he even can go to the food serving table , choose and eat at there ... btw there was nobody ~ just us in the whole restaurant ... btw the tomyam soup does not taste like tomyam soup ~ chicken soup is much better !

After filling our stomach , we went Teluk Batik ~ Pheww ~ We love sea ! cam whoring at the sea side ~ enjoying the wind and looking at ppl who were playing Banana Boat [ envy ..] However there are some malays are extremely dirty , they undressed their children (naked) and let them swim in the sea ~ eww ~ what if they pee or poo in the sea ? i even saw their " little tweety birdie" ~ Oh god , keep it please... ?

At night, Alvix came and look for me while i was doing my homework ~ then Agatha came as well as Veeiean ~ gossip girls ! nah just kidding ~ blaming Veeiean and make her feel guilty for not accompany her BBF (me) but her BF (him) !!! Fooling around and playing with my dogs ~ then Veeiean went back ... Alvix went to have some supper and fetch Agatha back to her home to pack her back stay overnight at my house ~ We have lots of thing to chat since we havent meet for so damn long ! we almost chit chat till 5 am if im not mistaken ... all i know is that my throat is extremely dry and thirsty ~

Awake by mom at 9 am for breakfast but i refuse to go ~ she seems unhappy , im sorry ! Then Agatha went back ... I found out my dog dug a hole like a farmer ~ my dad said " Again ? Aduh , Lil farmer wanna plant some vege ? " Before that , my dog even dug the hole till we can see the water pipe ~ My dad asked him " are you gonna repair our water pipe ? plumber ? " My mom loves him alot and bought him a dental care stick ~ to take care for his teeth ...dude, u r having a good life here!

Btw , I went to Gulam and take my breakfast with Allen previously ... we saw a poor puppy ~ he look very dirty and obviously he is infected with some skin diseases ~ Poor pup ... i can see that he is very very hungry ... So i went there and order a fried bihun , however the fried bihun is cold and taste sucks ! then i packed it and give it to the lil puppy ~ i watched him eat it and i cleaned up the area because im feeding him outside ppl's shop ... its not good to leave a rubbish there ... then he followed and chased me .... i know he wants to follow me back ~ but cant ... so i run around my car ~ and he keep on chased me , then i jumped into my car ~ he cant find me , i can see he seems depressed ~ im sorry ... but imagine i was running around the car chased by him outside , while everyone is looking at me ... aduh ! At night , my mom cooked extra rice and chicken for the lil puppy after i told her the puppy's poor incident ~ then we packed the food and went to Gulam there to find the poor pup .... he is so happy to see us ~ my mom put a pack of rice + lots of boneless chicken meat ~ however , my mom blame me for taking too little of rice for him ... okay ~ hope the little puppy can survive ... Take care , poor puppy !

I will upload the photo soon when im free ...


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