Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yesterday i went yoga again ~ this time is different ... we are learning much harder pose ~ no longer beginner ? The most fear puttin my leg over my head upside down ... i not dare to put leg completely to my head because i afraid i might hurt my back bone .. So i just put 70% or 80% my leg to my head ~Sing Ee do it very nicely and she is the one who can do it ~ Haha proud of her because she even praised by instructor because she done it beautifully ... Eventually i twisted my neck and i even get 4 bruises on my body ... That night is the most sickening lesson ~ Most probably i eat bread as my breakfast meal and vege only as my lunch at 2pm ~ till 7 pm , i did not eat anything ~ thats why during the lesson , i feel dizzy and wanna vomit ... Just very uncomfortable ~ After the class , i went back ~ nearly fell down when im taking shower ~ i feel very very dizzy and wanna faint ... Sing Ee said maybe because of the upside down pose make me feel dizzy ~ Yeah , all i know is after taking shower , i cant move but lay on my bed ... I still can feel my pain on my neck and tomorrow i will be having yoga again ~ i cant imagine how pain it will be ....

I will be busy doing my very last assignment for this sem and our topic is Passionate Love Sounds cool but not cool at all .... gathering information and hope we can finished on Thursday ~ Oh yeah , i feel happy that Jason , Miko and Ah Mi said i become slimmer already ~ Wow it feels like everything is worth it after eating vege as meal for so many days ... but i cant be too happy , because this is not my ideal body shape yet ~ However , Allen keep on said im FAT !!!! Arghhhhh ~~~~~ He said my tummy is getting bigger ! T_T

Yesterday Sheny and Cassie adopted a puppy called Ah King ... Funny name ~~ He/She had a
diarrhea with big worms and blood ~ [cant define his/her sex yet ] So Sheny skipped the lecture class just to take care of him/her... After that , we bring him/her to a vet ... not a vet actually , just a pet shop auntie ~ Haha she gave him/her a vaccination and they bought around Rm200 pet's thing there ~ Sing Ee , Ah Mi and me act as Ah King's god mother ~ so we sponsored Rm5 each ! i know its not much , but we really poor ~ sorry ... Btw we found out he/she barks like chicken and he/she dislike Kelly Clarkson's song ~ Because when the radio plays Kelly Clarkson's song , he/she keep on bark ~

Btw Sheny take care him tenderly ~ Dun simply hit him, or else i will hit you ~ XD

Okay gotta continue my work ...

*finger crossed*

[ Feels like going to club and dance , anyone ? ]


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