Fishy ~

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Its raining ~ An empty house with just me ! Suddenly feel so lonely ~ Too much of expectation , should i cut off abit ? Mom and dad went out for dinner ... i have no appetite , so i refused to go out with them ... *Sigh* coz i thought .... nevermind lah ~ Just continue do my homework ~ Maths ! What should i do with ln and log ? Headache ~ which formula hit which questions ? im gonna hit myself towards the wall .

Feeling down down down ~ really down . Missing someone .

i shouldnt be so selfish and stubborn

Something fishy just happened . While i was blogging here , i heard someone rang my door bell . then i go and have a peek who is it ... but i see no one coz i usually peek thru my window ~ When i opened my door to look clearly ... Guess what ? its my dog ! Nobody but just my dog~ So swt ... Its raining out there , no wonder he wanted to come in and i cant hear he bark ~ So he rang the door bell =_= really fishy fishy ! *sweatin palms*


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