Sunday, March 15, 2009

Damn ~ im gaining weight ... Cant stop myself from eating while my friends out there told me im getting slimmer and slimmer ? Argh these compliments make me eat MORE ! I gotta diet with the previous plan ~ 1 meal 1 day ! Damn look at my spare tyre ~ seems like i wont sink into the sea with these extra spare tyre to help me float ~gagagagaga !

Plus ,

Im having


Yday , play webcam with Sheny Siao Po ~ Obviously i was teasing her with these horny emoticon ~ not horny la ~ its funny ~ she seem very happy and save those emoticon down ! Hahahaha Naughty Sheny !

She is having mask ~ Cool Leh ~ no wonder she asked me not to freak out ! But i do freak out ! Hahaha

Saying goodbye and she put a horny emoticon to me ~ See how naughty she is !

Okay , bubye ~ gotta do some maths revision ..

[p/s: check out Kelly Clarkson 's and Lady Gaga 's new album ~ Cooo-ool ~]


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