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Sunday, March 29, 2009

My naughty cousin , Eugene ~
He is super duper funny and he is only eight !

My dog look like demon when i capture it with flash !

Yea , this is my handsome boyfriend !

Went 清明 early this morning ~ we went back Taiping at 6 am in the morning .... *Yawn* I met my relatives ~ The first thing i found interesting is that my uncle bought a new car again ! Toyota New Camry ~ Full Leather if im not mistaken ... Last year, he changed already ~ now , again ? =_= what to say ? He is really nice and humble ~ wont arrogant or show off ... He always encourage me to study well ~ I havent seen my relatives for almost a year coz i didn went back for this new year ~ I didnt talk much , remained silence just to observe them ... *Sigh* the only one , yes the only one problem is my another uncle's wifey and his daughter ... Oh please ~ stop looking down at us , i know we are not as rich and as smart as you guys ~ I wish i could dig your eyes out ~ But thank god , we got something better than u ! At least , our taste ~ Auntie , ur not 18 years old , pls dun curl such hair like those "lalas" and draw a super weird eyebrow that i never seen before ~ and your daughter ! Did not even greet my mom ~ wtf ? whatever , i still greet your mom which means the auntie coz i've got manners ! Unlike u ~ I dislike the way u talk ~ stop talking flirtatiously , it doesnt match your look ! Somemore act like ur super slim and have the model look ? Oh please ! Dum Dum Dum ! I even heard ur have a bf ~ yea no insulting but look kinda "sorry" ~ appearance is not the problem ~ as i know , the boy flirt every girl in your group of friends ~ however , he didnt make it and u r the last one ... So , he succeed ! Congratz ? Information are given by my others relatives , obviously nobody love them ! By the way , i have a good news that my cousin is going to marry at the end of this year ! Cant wait to attend their wedding ~ He is gonna married a rich girl ! Woohoo ~ Lucky guy ! I think their wedding will be quite grand ... The fun part is i can go shopping to buy a dresssssssssie !! Yippie !! Then , we went back at 1 pm and arrived home at 3 pm ~

After that , i bring my dog to jog with me ~ Eventually he pulled me and i run .... This is how he motivate me to run ~ Most of my dogs were injured coz they ran to a construction site that near my house and those labour use knife or what weapon to hit their legs ~ Cant control them from running out ~ They just love freedom ! My eldest dog was injured and cant run fast now , but still insist to go there ! They love to have fun at those mud and sand ~ Its hard to keep them in our house ~ My youngest dog is recover from the injuries ~ coz we keep him in our house and not letting him out for around 4 days ~ Oh Jees , he cried and struggling to go out ~ We afraid those labour will cooked them as meal ! Poor dog !! So scary ~~~ I will eat them if they eat my dogs ! I love my dogs more than anything !

After that , went speedy and jogging with Alvix again ~ then i went to buy a high fibre bread ~ Clumsy me did not see the expired date carefully ~ When im home only realised it will expired on 1st of April ~ Big Whoops ~

Tomorrow 8 am class , but im still at my hometown ~ Guess what ? Edmund will fetch us back at 6 am ! Oh Shit ! Just realised i havent do my tutorial question !!!!!!!!!!!!

Ciao ~


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