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Saturday, March 7, 2009


Today my dad fetched me back from Kampar ~ because they brought my grandfather to ipoh specialist for body check ~ guess what ? my grandpa just get renal failure which is kidney disease ... means my grandpa needs to wash his kidney for 3 times every week ~ its kinda costly ! rm100+ for 1 time ... He have to wash for the rest of his life ... Im sad to look at him , he seems optimistic and smile at me ~ asked me " holiday ? " i said nope ~ For the first time i saw unusual grandpa ~ i take a deep look into his eyes today and suddenly felt he had became older ~ T_T Of course we did think about the financial problem ... But he is very stuborn ~ he never drink plain water but 100 plus for years ~ everyday ! Also , did not take medicine regularly to control the blood pressure ~ this is serious !! *Sigh* its too late ~ When i was still a child , he always fetch me "long gai" by riding motor in Pangkor ~ and bring me to nearby beach to play and swim ~ catch worms and feed those chicken ... i will never forget the memories in Pangkor in the old house ~ Grandpa ! Stay strong !! i will save money , in case u really need it ~ u can ask from me , even though its not much ... [ no more shopping T_T ]

Everyone take care before its too late ~ dun eat too salty nor sweet ~ We suppose to enjoy our life but not suffer for these kind of disease ... Eat healthy , stay healthy ! Care for someone you love ~



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