Thursday, March 19, 2009

Going to yoga class ~ i know i look quite miserable ~

Wohoo ~ back from yoga lesson , didnt say much , just straight away went to take a shower ~ soooo relaxing ... this time i feel more refreshing than torturing ~ Its not that suffer , i can feel it is changing typically ~ however , my body shape still have no difference ~ i eat vegetable everyday for lunch and dinner ~ sometimes 3 pieces of boneless chicken ( boiled ) ~ just now i ate a little bihun as my dinner ~ paiseh lah ~ irresistable bihun ~ not that high calorie right ? 200 only ... no worry , i've already checked it ~ went back hometown , i am going to buy the diet noodle ~ low calorie !!

Okay , back to the yoga part ~ today we mixed with other class people coz its the replacement class~ so paiseh that we sit in front and they move to the back .... paiseh lah , no wonder when they enter the class , look so *ahhemm* and dunno laughing at what ? laughing at my tummy r ? T_T whatever lah , im kinda happy that i able to do some yoga poses ~ however i unable to lift my leg high compare to previous lesson ~ dunno what happened to me ? nervous ? Btw , i hate the squatting part ~ i cant squad properly with my waist straight and the breast cant touch the leg ~ walao ~ i will try to practice more ... Its the second lesson , i feel my body is adapting to it ~ and i love it when i sweat A LOT ! Feel satisfied with what im worked for ~ After the class , i even have to climb the stairs to reach Sheny's house to get our bags and get home ~ when we reached her room , Ah Mi and i almost fainted ~ we look at each other and breath deeply ~ Then pack our belonging and went home ~ Its quite tired but fun ! i think im in love with yoga ~ even though physically doesnt seems like it , but mentally i love it ! =P

[ p/s: cant wait for my sis back to get some new stuff ! Hohoho ]


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