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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just finished shopping in some online boutique ~ I found nothing but heartache ! Wanna know why ? Just when i spotted those nice shirt , then i scrolled down and it wrote SOLD OUT !! Everytime ~ Every site ~ Every shirt ~ T_T Pre-order ? im not interested , because im a impatient person ... Bang Bang Bang ! Geram-nyeee ~

Intoxicated , emancipated and unapologetic , this is what i am now ~ Burnin up ! Lets dance ~

Oh ya , forgot to mention that there are shirts i spotted but cant fit me in ~ So .... Whoops ~

XS !!!!

Damn you are so skinny ! Oh why ?

S !!!

Why so thin~ T_T

Cant fit laaa ~

Erm ~

A miscellaneous post

Heyyy i havent eat Kampar's famous claypot chicken rice !!

I went to the park in Westlake ~ the area is HUGE ! I love the bridge ~ "Hold your loves one hand and walk with him/her to the end of the road" ~ So romantic !! They even build a water fountain in the park ~ This park is definitely a MUST go place for couples ~

Woookie tokieee i will upload some photo later ~

Something is on my mind now ~

I found out love can control a person's feeling and emotion ~

Happy or sad ~

When you are falling in love ,

It will feels like in heaven as well as hell ~

When you owned him/her ,

You will start to worry of losing him/her ,

Love ?

So deeeeeep to figure it out ...

Good night ...

[ p/s : you are always on my mind ... ]


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