Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ahhhhhhh ~
I have maths for this sem ...
Sucks to the MAX !
I tot its a ordinary mathematics as the name of the subject sound so "easy to score" ?
Mathematics For Business And Social Science ...
Why so long ?
Just write ADDITIONAL MATHS lah !
Grrrr ~
Ok fine , hope i can handle ~
Hope this time i can do it better coz i do regret for not hardworking in secondary school ...
But im facing a problem ...


Hey dude , u sounds like an elderly ... I hate him ~ you are so damn annoying ! when i first enter ur class then i know i need to work hard for my own coz cant rely on u ... but tutorial also teach by u ? Damn...When ppl absent then just mark absent and forget about it ... Absent also need ask why ... go where ... #@%@!^%$ Coming late for tutorial class , u locked the door ? 5 person explaining and standing outside for around 2 mins ... u still hesitating to let us enter ? FFF u ~ when we entered the class ~ u somemore ask again ? went to Tesco ? Who is the driver ? and sounds like giving us a lesson ? Damn u sounds like an old ass who is desperate for retired ! Okay fine ... when ppl ask questions and u raise ur voice tone and say " WHATS YOUR PROBLEM ? " Dude ! u r the main problem we facing ... looking at ur face makes me feel that my maths is hopeless ... Even ask stupid question , "Why ? How to find the profit ?" And everyone guessing and thinking , and u raise ur voice again , " REVENUE - COST THEN GET PROFIT LAH ! " hey ass , do u think we r dumb ? stop asking stupid question and wasting our time ... FFF u ! Duh ~ dislike him very much ... revenge will started when survey begins ....

Still , i hate this subject !

[ sorry for being rude , just wanna express my feelings ]


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