1 Month

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I guess i wont update my blog frequently coz i am pretty busy right now ... within this 7 weeks i gotta concentrate on my studies due to the reason that im a stupid person , thats why it takes more time to understand... I've never been so hardworking for sem 1 and sem 2... guess this sem will decide my destiny whether i can continue or transfer to other colleges ? No clue ~ Lim Kok Wing or The One Academy maybe ~ @.@ however wasting my dad money is not a good idea yet im not rich... so i gotta try hard before any decision is made ~ Today i barely can understand what the lecturer teach ~ and for the past 2 sem till now , i will step into library to borrow some books for reference ... it will be the second times that i step into library since sem 1 ~

Recently i dun have appetite maybe its because i already full of eating books ! A small bun can makes me full for whole day ... LETS EAT BOOK !! Next week mid term test ~ social pyschology , so far so good ~ Maths - hopeless still will try my best ~ We will have a busy month because we have an assignment ~ it will be our very last assignment with my poker group ~ quite sad and i will never forget the days we suffered for those assignments ... But we did enjoyed it and do it pretty well ~ we watch sunset and sunrise together in a same room ~ 4 person sleep in 2 beds and joined together ~ overnight and molest each other during midnight ~ cook mushroom soup and dip with gardenia together~ gossip together ~ chat about relationship and sex ( always ) LOL ~ Lunch together ~ Argue with roomate and sleep overnight at my place ~ went to police station together ~ sing together in the car and sing k together ~ Ah Mi teach make up and set our hair in a same room ~ supper at Ghany ~ drink beers together on my bday ~ watch horror movie and even shoot our own video for assignment ~ haha really fun ... when 4 of us get together there will be endless laugh ~ as we said we r poker group ~ Westlake 1428 ! i will never forget it ~ Hahaha too bad Yee Shan moved already ~ we changed our venue for assignment now ~ What a sweet memories we have ~

Also i got "mommy" and "daddy" that always laugh ~ we went to many places together ... meet new friends ~ went Penang to countdown christmas ~ stay overnight at "daddy" house in Ipoh ~ listen "daddy" sing in church with "mommy" ~ "mommy" and i sleeping in church ~ LOL ~eat Dragon-i at Queensbay ~ Shopping during new year eves in Penang ~ Cut hair together ~ Shopping together ~ Eat together ~ Caught by police together~ ! XD Its sad that you guys are going to continue degree in PJ campus ~ There will be a farewell partay definitely !!! =D

Knowing all of you is a great thing ever ~ Friendship forever !

Later steamboat at Joyi's house ~ Wooho ~

1 month already ~ Thank you ! ^^


ah mi said...


memories we had together~~

happy 1 month ar~~

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