Dadada ...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My naughty cousin , Eugene ~
He is super duper funny and he is only eight !

My dog look like demon when i capture it with flash !

Yea , this is my handsome boyfriend !

Went 清明 early this morning ~ we went back Taiping at 6 am in the morning .... *Yawn* I met my relatives ~ The first thing i found interesting is that my uncle bought a new car again ! Toyota New Camry ~ Full Leather if im not mistaken ... Last year, he changed already ~ now , again ? =_= what to say ? He is really nice and humble ~ wont arrogant or show off ... He always encourage me to study well ~ I havent seen my relatives for almost a year coz i didn went back for this new year ~ I didnt talk much , remained silence just to observe them ... *Sigh* the only one , yes the only one problem is my another uncle's wifey and his daughter ... Oh please ~ stop looking down at us , i know we are not as rich and as smart as you guys ~ I wish i could dig your eyes out ~ But thank god , we got something better than u ! At least , our taste ~ Auntie , ur not 18 years old , pls dun curl such hair like those "lalas" and draw a super weird eyebrow that i never seen before ~ and your daughter ! Did not even greet my mom ~ wtf ? whatever , i still greet your mom which means the auntie coz i've got manners ! Unlike u ~ I dislike the way u talk ~ stop talking flirtatiously , it doesnt match your look ! Somemore act like ur super slim and have the model look ? Oh please ! Dum Dum Dum ! I even heard ur have a bf ~ yea no insulting but look kinda "sorry" ~ appearance is not the problem ~ as i know , the boy flirt every girl in your group of friends ~ however , he didnt make it and u r the last one ... So , he succeed ! Congratz ? Information are given by my others relatives , obviously nobody love them ! By the way , i have a good news that my cousin is going to marry at the end of this year ! Cant wait to attend their wedding ~ He is gonna married a rich girl ! Woohoo ~ Lucky guy ! I think their wedding will be quite grand ... The fun part is i can go shopping to buy a dresssssssssie !! Yippie !! Then , we went back at 1 pm and arrived home at 3 pm ~

After that , i bring my dog to jog with me ~ Eventually he pulled me and i run .... This is how he motivate me to run ~ Most of my dogs were injured coz they ran to a construction site that near my house and those labour use knife or what weapon to hit their legs ~ Cant control them from running out ~ They just love freedom ! My eldest dog was injured and cant run fast now , but still insist to go there ! They love to have fun at those mud and sand ~ Its hard to keep them in our house ~ My youngest dog is recover from the injuries ~ coz we keep him in our house and not letting him out for around 4 days ~ Oh Jees , he cried and struggling to go out ~ We afraid those labour will cooked them as meal ! Poor dog !! So scary ~~~ I will eat them if they eat my dogs ! I love my dogs more than anything !

After that , went speedy and jogging with Alvix again ~ then i went to buy a high fibre bread ~ Clumsy me did not see the expired date carefully ~ When im home only realised it will expired on 1st of April ~ Big Whoops ~

Tomorrow 8 am class , but im still at my hometown ~ Guess what ? Edmund will fetch us back at 6 am ! Oh Shit ! Just realised i havent do my tutorial question !!!!!!!!!!!!

Ciao ~

Ayer ~

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just finished shopping in some online boutique ~ I found nothing but heartache ! Wanna know why ? Just when i spotted those nice shirt , then i scrolled down and it wrote SOLD OUT !! Everytime ~ Every site ~ Every shirt ~ T_T Pre-order ? im not interested , because im a impatient person ... Bang Bang Bang ! Geram-nyeee ~

Intoxicated , emancipated and unapologetic , this is what i am now ~ Burnin up ! Lets dance ~

Oh ya , forgot to mention that there are shirts i spotted but cant fit me in ~ So .... Whoops ~

XS !!!!

Damn you are so skinny ! Oh why ?

S !!!

Why so thin~ T_T

Cant fit laaa ~

Erm ~

A miscellaneous post

Heyyy i havent eat Kampar's famous claypot chicken rice !!

I went to the park in Westlake ~ the area is HUGE ! I love the bridge ~ "Hold your loves one hand and walk with him/her to the end of the road" ~ So romantic !! They even build a water fountain in the park ~ This park is definitely a MUST go place for couples ~

Woookie tokieee i will upload some photo later ~

Something is on my mind now ~

I found out love can control a person's feeling and emotion ~

Happy or sad ~

When you are falling in love ,

It will feels like in heaven as well as hell ~

When you owned him/her ,

You will start to worry of losing him/her ,

Love ?

So deeeeeep to figure it out ...

Good night ...

[ p/s : you are always on my mind ... ]

Oh Yes !

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finally ,we finished our social psychology assignment
Draft only ~

We finished the draft of the assignment , we will show to our lecture as well as our tutor on Monday... just to let her to check any mistakes ~ by the way, we havent get a journal online from our library ~ Soooooo annoyed .... Its 11.33pm now , i wish to see someone now but we have a arguement today .... too bad im a high self-esteem person ~ hate me ? personally , im quite sensitive recently but after all im okay now ~ Im having bad temper recently , why ? Maybe over stress ~~

Baby , i need a break !!!!!!!!

[ p/s: im sorry ]


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yesterday i went yoga again ~ this time is different ... we are learning much harder pose ~ no longer beginner ? The most fear puttin my leg over my head upside down ... i not dare to put leg completely to my head because i afraid i might hurt my back bone .. So i just put 70% or 80% my leg to my head ~Sing Ee do it very nicely and she is the one who can do it ~ Haha proud of her because she even praised by instructor because she done it beautifully ... Eventually i twisted my neck and i even get 4 bruises on my body ... That night is the most sickening lesson ~ Most probably i eat bread as my breakfast meal and vege only as my lunch at 2pm ~ till 7 pm , i did not eat anything ~ thats why during the lesson , i feel dizzy and wanna vomit ... Just very uncomfortable ~ After the class , i went back ~ nearly fell down when im taking shower ~ i feel very very dizzy and wanna faint ... Sing Ee said maybe because of the upside down pose make me feel dizzy ~ Yeah , all i know is after taking shower , i cant move but lay on my bed ... I still can feel my pain on my neck and tomorrow i will be having yoga again ~ i cant imagine how pain it will be ....

I will be busy doing my very last assignment for this sem and our topic is Passionate Love Sounds cool but not cool at all .... gathering information and hope we can finished on Thursday ~ Oh yeah , i feel happy that Jason , Miko and Ah Mi said i become slimmer already ~ Wow it feels like everything is worth it after eating vege as meal for so many days ... but i cant be too happy , because this is not my ideal body shape yet ~ However , Allen keep on said im FAT !!!! Arghhhhh ~~~~~ He said my tummy is getting bigger ! T_T

Yesterday Sheny and Cassie adopted a puppy called Ah King ... Funny name ~~ He/She had a
diarrhea with big worms and blood ~ [cant define his/her sex yet ] So Sheny skipped the lecture class just to take care of him/her... After that , we bring him/her to a vet ... not a vet actually , just a pet shop auntie ~ Haha she gave him/her a vaccination and they bought around Rm200 pet's thing there ~ Sing Ee , Ah Mi and me act as Ah King's god mother ~ so we sponsored Rm5 each ! i know its not much , but we really poor ~ sorry ... Btw we found out he/she barks like chicken and he/she dislike Kelly Clarkson's song ~ Because when the radio plays Kelly Clarkson's song , he/she keep on bark ~

Btw Sheny take care him tenderly ~ Dun simply hit him, or else i will hit you ~ XD

Okay gotta continue my work ...

*finger crossed*

[ Feels like going to club and dance , anyone ? ]

Shabu Shabu

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last Saturday , i went Shabu Shabu with Seng Le , Ck and Allen ~ This is crazy ... we eat like we owned this restaurant because you can take whatever you want but if u wasted then you will be fine 100gram for RM5 ~ so never waste any food ... Seng Le , he is crazzzy ~ he have a incredibly good appetite ... he ate so so much food , steamboat for 3 round ... but us ? 2 round already full to the max! he even can go to the food serving table , choose and eat at there ... btw there was nobody ~ just us in the whole restaurant ... btw the tomyam soup does not taste like tomyam soup ~ chicken soup is much better !

After filling our stomach , we went Teluk Batik ~ Pheww ~ We love sea ! cam whoring at the sea side ~ enjoying the wind and looking at ppl who were playing Banana Boat [ envy ..] However there are some malays are extremely dirty , they undressed their children (naked) and let them swim in the sea ~ eww ~ what if they pee or poo in the sea ? i even saw their " little tweety birdie" ~ Oh god , keep it please... ?

At night, Alvix came and look for me while i was doing my homework ~ then Agatha came as well as Veeiean ~ gossip girls ! nah just kidding ~ blaming Veeiean and make her feel guilty for not accompany her BBF (me) but her BF (him) !!! Fooling around and playing with my dogs ~ then Veeiean went back ... Alvix went to have some supper and fetch Agatha back to her home to pack her back stay overnight at my house ~ We have lots of thing to chat since we havent meet for so damn long ! we almost chit chat till 5 am if im not mistaken ... all i know is that my throat is extremely dry and thirsty ~

Awake by mom at 9 am for breakfast but i refuse to go ~ she seems unhappy , im sorry ! Then Agatha went back ... I found out my dog dug a hole like a farmer ~ my dad said " Again ? Aduh , Lil farmer wanna plant some vege ? " Before that , my dog even dug the hole till we can see the water pipe ~ My dad asked him " are you gonna repair our water pipe ? plumber ? " My mom loves him alot and bought him a dental care stick ~ to take care for his teeth ...dude, u r having a good life here!

Btw , I went to Gulam and take my breakfast with Allen previously ... we saw a poor puppy ~ he look very dirty and obviously he is infected with some skin diseases ~ Poor pup ... i can see that he is very very hungry ... So i went there and order a fried bihun , however the fried bihun is cold and taste sucks ! then i packed it and give it to the lil puppy ~ i watched him eat it and i cleaned up the area because im feeding him outside ppl's shop ... its not good to leave a rubbish there ... then he followed and chased me .... i know he wants to follow me back ~ but cant ... so i run around my car ~ and he keep on chased me , then i jumped into my car ~ he cant find me , i can see he seems depressed ~ im sorry ... but imagine i was running around the car chased by him outside , while everyone is looking at me ... aduh ! At night , my mom cooked extra rice and chicken for the lil puppy after i told her the puppy's poor incident ~ then we packed the food and went to Gulam there to find the poor pup .... he is so happy to see us ~ my mom put a pack of rice + lots of boneless chicken meat ~ however , my mom blame me for taking too little of rice for him ... okay ~ hope the little puppy can survive ... Take care , poor puppy !

I will upload the photo soon when im free ...


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friend is comprise of trust and truthful .

Please dont let us down .

I know this is not the way you are .

Once best friend , we will always be best friend !

Exception for those fakers .

Over confidence doesnt make u look better but sucks .

Never underestimate anyone .

Because everyone have their own speciality.

Branded thingy doesnt mean anything to u if nobody adore it .

Don't ever think everyone is a loser .

Never challenge anyone except yourself .

If you are not who you are , stop pretending .

And be who you really are .

Unmask yourself and be real .

Enjoy life .

Eh ?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Don't hesitate to click the photo ~

Take a look and compare it ~ did i look slimmer ? What you think ?

Just after published my blog and take a look at it ...
Then i realised the smile and pose look so alike ...
but the face seems like look slimmer ~ haha !

Maybe just the angle problem ~

Nothing changed much in me !

Nevermind lah , let me "syok sendiri" ...
Too desperate to get slim !

Im sorry ~~
[ p/s : missing you ... ]


Going to yoga class ~ i know i look quite miserable ~

Wohoo ~ back from yoga lesson , didnt say much , just straight away went to take a shower ~ soooo relaxing ... this time i feel more refreshing than torturing ~ Its not that suffer , i can feel it is changing typically ~ however , my body shape still have no difference ~ i eat vegetable everyday for lunch and dinner ~ sometimes 3 pieces of boneless chicken ( boiled ) ~ just now i ate a little bihun as my dinner ~ paiseh lah ~ irresistable bihun ~ not that high calorie right ? 200 only ... no worry , i've already checked it ~ went back hometown , i am going to buy the diet noodle ~ low calorie !!

Okay , back to the yoga part ~ today we mixed with other class people coz its the replacement class~ so paiseh that we sit in front and they move to the back .... paiseh lah , no wonder when they enter the class , look so *ahhemm* and dunno laughing at what ? laughing at my tummy r ? T_T whatever lah , im kinda happy that i able to do some yoga poses ~ however i unable to lift my leg high compare to previous lesson ~ dunno what happened to me ? nervous ? Btw , i hate the squatting part ~ i cant squad properly with my waist straight and the breast cant touch the leg ~ walao ~ i will try to practice more ... Its the second lesson , i feel my body is adapting to it ~ and i love it when i sweat A LOT ! Feel satisfied with what im worked for ~ After the class , i even have to climb the stairs to reach Sheny's house to get our bags and get home ~ when we reached her room , Ah Mi and i almost fainted ~ we look at each other and breath deeply ~ Then pack our belonging and went home ~ Its quite tired but fun ! i think im in love with yoga ~ even though physically doesnt seems like it , but mentally i love it ! =P

[ p/s: cant wait for my sis back to get some new stuff ! Hohoho ]


Okay once again i am announcing that i am dieting ~

Yea i know u heard it for a thousand years before but there was no difference right ?

Yea ... i think so too ~

Arghhh whatsoever ~

Lastly, i wanna emphasize again that



Please Do Not Feed Monkeys Me !

Thank You !


Yesterday finished my social pyschology test ~ so far so good ~ teehee , lucky me ! After the test , we went to pasar malam with my poker group ... i saw many tempting ~ oily ~ high calories ~ food , really irresistable but i can resist it [ temporary ? ] i bought some "siew mai" and many many vegetables as my dinner ~ oil free , phew ~ Then i meet Allen and Jonathan there , so i followed them back ~ Yesterday night , we suppose to have our yoga class but we cant make it coz we got the test till 7 pm ~ thats why we changed it to Thursday night ....

Feel quite tired back from Uni but not sleepy ... I've been having constipation for 4 days ~ Today finally ended ... Why ? [ no explaination needed , haha ] I had a stomache in the middle of the night , the pain woke me up for several times ~ Then Ah Mi and Rae fetch me unexpectedly earlier today ... freaked out and accidentally poured my drinks all over the floor while my phone is ringing ... i dunno i should picked up my phone first or mop the floor first , coz i dunwan let them to wait me too long yet i dunwan disturb my housemates who is sleeping ~ paiseh paiseh ~ then we went to school and found out our class is locked ~ and someone is inside there ... sound fishy ~ the door knob spoilt d , thats why ~ We had an funny activity today , which is Social Perception , means something like "judge the book by its cover" thingy ~ Our tutor showed us some photo of unknown person ~ then ask us to write anything about it ~ non verbal cues ~ funny lah , any type of story oso got just based on our imagination ...such as " The golf player is looking at his ball and thinking whether got get into the hole ? " Hahaha sound so "A" ... What a relaxing tutorial class we had today ~

While in the lecture class , Sheny showed us a video of an unknown person show his "birdy" and masturbate thru the webcam , her bf played with the guy while Sheny record it and save it as a video ... then she showed us the video ~ seriously the guy have a really little tiny birdy ~ hahaha the video pass here and there ..everyone is laughing and teasing the guy ~ poor guy , but u deserve it ~ haha silly guy , are u so desperate ? Duh ~

Later , 3 pm will go to Sheny's house to do assignment ~ then we will go to yoga class ... I am wondering what kind of torturing pose we are gonna do today ... crack my bone instead of torturing me ~ LOL its really quite suffer ~ the 1 hour pass so slowly , always looking at the clock " why does it pass so slowly ? " , how am i gonna make it ? lets see it tonight ~ stay tune ...

[ p/s : can i have a Blackberry cell phones ? ]


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yesterday ~ suddenly feel energetic and woke up quite early ~ Then i decide to curl my hair to school ... a sudden decision ~ haha too bad nobody notice the change in me =( After the class , Ah Mi's sayang , Ah Sum come as well as Sheny's boy boy , Shane come too ~ then they decide to go waterfall ~ then asked me and Sing Ee to come along ... Yippie ! After the class , around 12pm ~ we went home and get ourself ready and go at 1 pm ~ Btw its a short journey , erm just near lah ~ LOL ! We park down the hill and walk up there ~ i drove there once and the roadway is small and steep ! the road can only fit one car ~ i mean "ngam ngam" that type ~ Perfect fit ... i dunno what to do when there is a car coming on the front way ~ who is gonna reverse on this steep land ? Extremely dangerous ! We walk there for around 10 mins + ~ sooo tired to walk up there , tired like a "prawn" ! Everyone is breathless and asking "are there yet ? " When we arrived the waterfall ~ everyone was like "OWH FINALLY !!!!"

How do i look like ? i mean the hair ~ not my mouth coz i think it looks like a duck =_=

MC's pony tail ! Hahaha

Inilah mereka !

The sweet Mi & Sum

Poker's feet

Allen & Me

So lonely meh ?

Connected ~

We heart Yoga !

Fighting ~ Ahaha

Tengok mereka !

The boy's group


Ah Mi laughing Sheny !!

Eyebrow "bo liao"

The another sweet couple

Sing Ee looks so pretty ~

them again ~

depressed ?

" photo ? photo ? take photo ok ? "

Poker Group ~ Lalala

Us ~

Me & Sing Ee

Mi & Sing Ee

splash water just like a lil child hahaha

After that we cant rush to the maths tutorial class because of the security ~ fetch Sing Ee go in to uni oso cant ~ then i just scold him " FUCK YOU ! " damn pissed off ~ So we skipped class together and went to KFC to have our meal ~ Damn its so so high calories !!! After that we went back uni for the social pyschology tutorial class and i called the security department and complained to them , I act as a mother of a daughter and complained them ~ Ahaha the head of the department said okay , im sorry ~ i will try to handle the problem ! Of course u gonna solve the problem ~! u asked us to walk out from the uni to the entrance ? u think its very near ? u try walk and see ~ even the security also ride motor to patrol , what about us ? we paid you guys to walk here like a cow ? Think about it !!

A stray puppy that stay at Ah Mi's house area ~

His name is "jut jut" ~ Cute ~~~


Monday, March 16, 2009


Just finished yoga class ~ ha ................ dunno what to say ~ All i can say is it is tearing me apart ! Walao eh ~ tear tear tear ~ some postures i can do without pain ~ but some is killing me ~ I thought im the only weirdo that hope the time can pass as soon as possible ~ weird mind thinking right ? but after the class , then i only know not only i am the one who think so ~ Ah Mi and Sing Ee think so too ~ Hahaha ~ I am very sure this yoga can help me to slim down ~ because it feels more likely torturing than relaxing ~ After the class , feel so refresh ~ toxic in my body seems like gone ...pretty cool but it does need DETERMINATION to continue ~ because it is very pain ~ No lie ~ hope i can get motivated and continue it coz now i can feel the pain all around my body ~ sooo nice isnt it ? X_X

This is more likely a slim down yoga ~ when the instructor explaining the posture , she keep looking at me and said yes this can slim down ur thigh and waist ~ Oklo ~ thank you lor ~ i know im overweight FAT , so .... *ahhemm* i will work hard ~



Sunday, March 15, 2009

Damn ~ im gaining weight ... Cant stop myself from eating while my friends out there told me im getting slimmer and slimmer ? Argh these compliments make me eat MORE ! I gotta diet with the previous plan ~ 1 meal 1 day ! Damn look at my spare tyre ~ seems like i wont sink into the sea with these extra spare tyre to help me float ~gagagagaga !

Plus ,

Im having


Yday , play webcam with Sheny Siao Po ~ Obviously i was teasing her with these horny emoticon ~ not horny la ~ its funny ~ she seem very happy and save those emoticon down ! Hahahaha Naughty Sheny !

She is having mask ~ Cool Leh ~ no wonder she asked me not to freak out ! But i do freak out ! Hahaha

Saying goodbye and she put a horny emoticon to me ~ See how naughty she is !

Okay , bubye ~ gotta do some maths revision ..

[p/s: check out Kelly Clarkson 's and Lady Gaga 's new album ~ Cooo-ool ~]


I feel so so dizzy after cleaning up my room ~ my room is extremely messy ~ here it is ~

Before :

p/s: im sorry, just ignore my wallpaper ~~

After :

My tidy room wont last long , so better see it and feel it before its too late ~ Sooner or later it will become messy again just like before , no doubt !

Tomorrow im having yoga class with my poker group ~ Cant wait to rip myself apart , just kidding ~ hope i will not end up in the hospital...

Chit Chat in Yee Shan house for 9 hours ~

Sorry we just love to chat till get someone home so we can continue our topic ~

Whoops , no offense ... we are not mean girls , no ~~~

Left to right : Poker Head , Poker Ass , Poker Face ( Me ) , Poker Boobs ! Behind : Cassie and Ah Tan ~

Saturday got replacement class ~ So i decided to stay Kampar with Allen ~ On Friday night , we went Tesco ... Bought a medium size salmon (slurr) and some pork ( Non-Halal ) ~ We enjoyed it ~ Friday night we suppose to go Setiawan Shabu Shabu with CK , Seng Le , Allen and KK ~ But we couldnt come back so we cancelled it ~ But our desire for Shabu Shabu force us to D.I.Y ! LOL

Ignore the decoration ~ Im sorry it wasnt ART ! Focus on the salmon and the meat

the PORK for Shabu Shabu ~

Just a random photo of mine ~
How do you like me now ?

Cant stop thinking how to die on Monday maths quiz ~ What a lovely Monday !

Also , i will be having a mid term test on Wednesday , Social Pyschology ...

All i can say is ...
Amitabha bless me
Jesus bless me
Allah bless me
Vishnu bless me


Saturday, March 14, 2009

All i ever wanted is


Tonight food yummy yummy !

Worrying about Monday's quiz ~

Bad Girl

Friday, March 13, 2009

We are bad girls ~ really bad ~

But there is a reason ....

Im sorry ....

Tired of being stereotype ....

But no choice ?


Even discrimination ....

Its okay bah ~

I think im too sensitive ....

Thats why ~

Heart said pain ....

So i cant control it ....

Im a mess ....

Disappointed ....

Just woke up ....


My stomach is extremely pain ....

Don't know why ....

1 Month

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I guess i wont update my blog frequently coz i am pretty busy right now ... within this 7 weeks i gotta concentrate on my studies due to the reason that im a stupid person , thats why it takes more time to understand... I've never been so hardworking for sem 1 and sem 2... guess this sem will decide my destiny whether i can continue or transfer to other colleges ? No clue ~ Lim Kok Wing or The One Academy maybe ~ @.@ however wasting my dad money is not a good idea yet im not rich... so i gotta try hard before any decision is made ~ Today i barely can understand what the lecturer teach ~ and for the past 2 sem till now , i will step into library to borrow some books for reference ... it will be the second times that i step into library since sem 1 ~

Recently i dun have appetite maybe its because i already full of eating books ! A small bun can makes me full for whole day ... LETS EAT BOOK !! Next week mid term test ~ social pyschology , so far so good ~ Maths - hopeless still will try my best ~ We will have a busy month because we have an assignment ~ it will be our very last assignment with my poker group ~ quite sad and i will never forget the days we suffered for those assignments ... But we did enjoyed it and do it pretty well ~ we watch sunset and sunrise together in a same room ~ 4 person sleep in 2 beds and joined together ~ overnight and molest each other during midnight ~ cook mushroom soup and dip with gardenia together~ gossip together ~ chat about relationship and sex ( always ) LOL ~ Lunch together ~ Argue with roomate and sleep overnight at my place ~ went to police station together ~ sing together in the car and sing k together ~ Ah Mi teach make up and set our hair in a same room ~ supper at Ghany ~ drink beers together on my bday ~ watch horror movie and even shoot our own video for assignment ~ haha really fun ... when 4 of us get together there will be endless laugh ~ as we said we r poker group ~ Westlake 1428 ! i will never forget it ~ Hahaha too bad Yee Shan moved already ~ we changed our venue for assignment now ~ What a sweet memories we have ~

Also i got "mommy" and "daddy" that always laugh ~ we went to many places together ... meet new friends ~ went Penang to countdown christmas ~ stay overnight at "daddy" house in Ipoh ~ listen "daddy" sing in church with "mommy" ~ "mommy" and i sleeping in church ~ LOL ~eat Dragon-i at Queensbay ~ Shopping during new year eves in Penang ~ Cut hair together ~ Shopping together ~ Eat together ~ Caught by police together~ ! XD Its sad that you guys are going to continue degree in PJ campus ~ There will be a farewell partay definitely !!! =D

Knowing all of you is a great thing ever ~ Friendship forever !

Later steamboat at Joyi's house ~ Wooho ~

1 month already ~ Thank you ! ^^


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh crap , real crap !

Its my problem or the calculator problem ?

Oh god , i think i need a tutor + reference book ..

So many answer but which is the real answer ?

Squeezing my brain juice real hard ...

Just to solve these questions ...

10 more questions to go ...

Oh Jeez ~ Help !

Never give up !

First Time

For the first time i have such feeling , so unhappy ...

Dun take all the blame on you even though its my fault ...

i admit that i am obstinate and stubborn ... i got "da xiao jie" temper ... quite serious type ...

i know u hate it ... but u always endure and even apologize to me when im wrong ?

It makes me feel guilty and sorry ! coz i know u do hate this temper very much and u still can endure like nothing happened ... ?

But i just cant control my temper ... I think i am very sassy ...

Dun keep everything in your heart , it might explode one day .... when the time comes , it will be the end of u and me ...

Lastly , sorry !


Saturday, March 7, 2009

I think im spoiled ~

Always get what i wanted (mostly)

If i didnt get what i wanted ,

I will have serious mood swing !

This is BAD !

I hate this !

Gotta changed this bad habit ..

Before its too late ...

But how to control your mood ?

And ...

Hey thanks you so much !!!

Its my favourite McFlurry Berry + French Fries !

Are u trying to help me gain weight ?

I think i wont get any person other than you ..

Love ya ~

I think im spoiled by u ~

♥ Hearts ♥


Cut my hair but seems like no difference .

Lose some weight but seems nothing changed .

Save some money but still lack of money .

Hungry but no appetite .

Sleepy but doesnt want to sleep yet .

Hardworking but still the same - stupid .

Feel different but nothing changed actually .

Is this life ?

Fishy ~

Its raining ~ An empty house with just me ! Suddenly feel so lonely ~ Too much of expectation , should i cut off abit ? Mom and dad went out for dinner ... i have no appetite , so i refused to go out with them ... *Sigh* coz i thought .... nevermind lah ~ Just continue do my homework ~ Maths ! What should i do with ln and log ? Headache ~ which formula hit which questions ? im gonna hit myself towards the wall .

Feeling down down down ~ really down . Missing someone .

i shouldnt be so selfish and stubborn

Something fishy just happened . While i was blogging here , i heard someone rang my door bell . then i go and have a peek who is it ... but i see no one coz i usually peek thru my window ~ When i opened my door to look clearly ... Guess what ? its my dog ! Nobody but just my dog~ So swt ... Its raining out there , no wonder he wanted to come in and i cant hear he bark ~ So he rang the door bell =_= really fishy fishy ! *sweatin palms*


I get this test thru Agatha's link ~ Its quite accurate ! i can say its 95% accurate !

Your view on yourself:

You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

The type of boyfriend you are looking for:

You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You prefer to get to know a person very well before deciding whether you will commit to the relationship.

The seriousness of your love:

You are very serious about relationships and aren't interested in wasting time with people you don't really like. If you meet the right person, you will fall deeply and beautifully in love.

Your views on education

You may not like to study but you have many practical ideas. You listen to your own instincts and tend to follow your heart, so you will probably end up with an unusual job.

The right job for you:

You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:

You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:

You are concerned about your image and the way others see you. This means that you try very hard to be accepted by other people. It's time for you to believe in who you are, not what you wear.

Who is your true self:

You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

Big Whops !


Today my dad fetched me back from Kampar ~ because they brought my grandfather to ipoh specialist for body check ~ guess what ? my grandpa just get renal failure which is kidney disease ... means my grandpa needs to wash his kidney for 3 times every week ~ its kinda costly ! rm100+ for 1 time ... He have to wash for the rest of his life ... Im sad to look at him , he seems optimistic and smile at me ~ asked me " holiday ? " i said nope ~ For the first time i saw unusual grandpa ~ i take a deep look into his eyes today and suddenly felt he had became older ~ T_T Of course we did think about the financial problem ... But he is very stuborn ~ he never drink plain water but 100 plus for years ~ everyday ! Also , did not take medicine regularly to control the blood pressure ~ this is serious !! *Sigh* its too late ~ When i was still a child , he always fetch me "long gai" by riding motor in Pangkor ~ and bring me to nearby beach to play and swim ~ catch worms and feed those chicken ... i will never forget the memories in Pangkor in the old house ~ Grandpa ! Stay strong !! i will save money , in case u really need it ~ u can ask from me , even though its not much ... [ no more shopping T_T ]

Everyone take care before its too late ~ dun eat too salty nor sweet ~ We suppose to enjoy our life but not suffer for these kind of disease ... Eat healthy , stay healthy ! Care for someone you love ~


Bang !

Friday, March 6, 2009

Nobody will use ur fucking car ever , no wonder bro dun even like to use it ...If possible i will walk ... selfish ! Hold ur fucking car for the rest of your life ! Dont want me to use car then buy me one lah ! Damn u ! U think im not desperate for a fucking car ? I dun wan to waste too much money of dad since he already retired ~ Hold ur dogs for the rest of your life ! Selfish person ! I wont use ur fucking car ! i wont come back next week !!!! i rather stay there alone coz u oso never care bout me ! Hold ur tv , dogs and car ! go lah ! PISSED OFF !!!!
I will use dad's car !!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I would like to say im sorry i think i wasnt hate the lecturer that much , the main reason probably is i hate the subject , indirectly i hate the lecturer as well ~ however i still hate them .

This sem sucks !

Ahhhhh ~ can i go shopping now ?

A sudden feeling of wanna shopping !
Spending money

Feels like im outdated !


Hope there will be no rain tonight ...
Because i wanna go out tonight ...

Want to change my blog skin ~

But i afraid it may run very slow ~ as my poker group complained previously ...
Many works to do ~
But im kinda bored with this blog skin ..
So ?

Opps ~

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Today , Sing Ee brought us some souvenir from China ~ Some taro chips and two keychain which is a boy and a girl that look alike ... dun believe ? look yourself at bottom there ... but all of us very appreciate it ~ LOL thank you Sing Ee ~~

So we did something silly and foolish while waiting Yee Shan in the car ... we played with the doll ~

Content warning : Exit if you are below 18 !
Okie , here we go ~

Can u recognize which is boy and girl ?
Left : boy , Right : girl

Awww ~ kissing ~ making out ~ snogging ~

Start to touch touch touch huh ?

Owh ... here they start ...

* AHHEM * Nice poser

Dog style ... *AHHEMM*
Ah Mi started with this idea ! AHAHA

Errr ~ Oppss ~
However , this pose is Sing Ee's idea !!!

At last , we also do our tutorial question at Yee Shan house ...
[ Yee Shan purposely capture it when im eating to show how "tam chiak" i am ~ Piff ]
Last but not least ,
. Happy Birthday To Weng Lee .

Hello !

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