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Sunday, February 8, 2009

At last , i finished 5 subjects ..... today , sociology .... finally ended ! when i finished , i was like OMFG ! YES !! IM DONE !!!!!! because i hate sociology .... it was like a wtf subject ... study about what norms , latent , manifest ... bili bala ~ am i going to talk with ppl with these theory ? Whatever ... finally it has ended ... now left the only one - Marketing ! Yeapie ! Dont know why im not afraid of Marketing ... Confident ? i think most probably is my heart already flew away to somewhere ... hoho !
Time pass very fast .... tomorrow will be the day of mine xxx ! we have been planning for this trip since 3 weeks ... ? Even though less ppl ( 2 ppl only =_= ) ... but i think it will be fun anyway ... Hope everything will be okayy ~ we will be safe ! God bless us ...
I've been planning to buy the phone before this trip because i want to capture more photo even though i will bring my camera along ~ but i wanted to record ~ ~ ~ arghhh ... but today i called the shop and he told me it is out of stock ! wtf , i need to wait till next week ! @$%^#@% quite disappointed ~
Daddy finally retired .... should i said finally ? its a good sign or bad sign ? i don't know ~ but i know that from now on he is jobless ~ aha no income ~ [ why am i laughing ? ] so i gotta spend wisely ~ im happy that he will be home with my mom , coz obviously my mom is super lonely ! She raise so many dogs in our house and talk to them .... even play hide and seek with them.... Mom , are u okay ? im so worried ~ luckily daddy is back ! Pheww ~ but my dad said he is gonna raised a fierce dog like Rottweiler or Bull Terrier ... OMG ~ by the way , one of my dog really ...... HORNY ! after i bath and wear nicely , going out ~ then he lick my leg ~ so geli larrrrr ~ and i need to bath again when im back .... im going to be bald if continue like this .... Here is another case , when i sit on the bench , and they all come over and sit in front me ~ okay then i "sayang" them ~ the dog ! lick my leg .... and continuously lick near my *ahhemm* ! i shout and run away ~ walao ... no doubt he is a male dog ~ but i still love each of them even though they are quite horny ... =_=
By the way , im quite upset cant join Jo Yi them to steamboat at her house in Kampar ~ my tb6 long time no see !! miss u guys !! [ Sing Ee , Yee Shan , Jo Yi , Miko , Ashley , Sin Yee , Jason , UNCLE and GINNY !!! ] Sem 3 we will meet again ~ that will be our last sem together .... we have to spare every single time together ! aha ~
Time for sleep , gonna charge my camera as well as my mind ! Aha ~ Tomorrow will be a great day ! we will have fun together ! Yeapie !! Pray that the weather will not spoilt my plan or i will pissed out ~ God PLEASE Bless Us !
*finger crossed*


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