Thursday, February 12, 2009

Recently i used up my facial foam ... i just simply buy a facial foam for temporary use ~ i bought Elianto .... the sales girl ~ nono is a sales woman =_= said this good tat good ~ oklo when i wan buy it , then she intro another which is better ... then say is organic bla bla ... oklo ~ i think it will be okay ... coz just for temporary ~ i bought the product plus other all together cost RM94 ~ Mana tau ! Now already the fifth day ... it feels soooooooooo damn DRY !!!!!!!!!!! today i saw wrinkles ! Damn ! im gonna throw this rubbish away !!!!!!!!!!!

* Now im speechless over the edge , just breathless , I never thought that i will catch this love bug again ~ Now im hopeless , head over heel in the moment , I never thought that i'd hit by this love bug again ~ *


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