Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Insomnia ...

Worrying ...

Are you okay ?


Feel sorry couldnt take care of you ...

Still worrying ...

Hope you get well soon ...

My bitch is coming back on Thursday ~

Okayyy ~

Btw my 2GB M2 card had spoilt ?

I think it is ~

By me ....

Neh ~~

" Kehhh Gao " go and transfer many many many many songs ...

I dunno which song bang which song and make my phonie HANG !

Woohoo ~ sweating =_="

Any folder also can open but music folder cant open ...

Even master reset it , still cant open though !


You guys have any idea ?

Luckily wasnt Picture folder ...

I will kill myself if that couldnt open ...

What i have to do is ....

Use back the 1GB Sony M2 card =_="

Whatsoever lah ~

Consoling myself with lame excuses ...

Aiya maybe Sony brand will suit my phone better leh ?

Aiya maybe my phonie wont hang easily anymore leh ?

Aiya ...

Aiya face the truth la =_= "

Abit of pissed off nia ~

Take care & Miss ya ~

[ Thinking what can i do for my ... ]


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