Wednesday, February 25, 2009


all i've been waiting ....

Yeapie !

hmmm ~

yumm ~delicious !!

want some ?

Ahaha he cant eat ~ sore throat !! thats why he saw me eating with this expression whole day ! I wont let u eat ~ lalala ~

Big rainbow !

Today .... woohoo ~ sleep like an ass till 12 pm and recieved a msg from Allen to fetch him to clinic ~ coz he got a fever and sore throat ... then i go and fetch him at 1 pm .... he is quite nervous to inform me that RESULT IS OUT ! i was driving ... it was like OH SHIT ! then i check my result at his house ... damn ! there is no failed ... however my CGPA dropped ! DAMN ! i suppose to score 2.8 or 2.9 ~ but i dunno why score like a piece of shit this sem ... but i admit i was quite lazy for this sem ... skipping class and not paying attention to the lecturer .... BUT .... feeling so down ... upset upset upset ... feel embarassed when ppl asked about my CGPA ... T_T I would like to thank all my poker groupmate for the sociology assignment ! i tot i will be so dead for sociology ... mana tahu , the least confident subject get B- =_= i think my coursework does help me a lot ! thanks a lot ! btw my most confident subject Webpage Design get C ~ WTF ! kanakanakanasai ~ Ahhh dunwan mention others d ...

Me and Allen are quite upset and we headed to MCD to express my feelings by eating ... especially french fries ...after look at Mei Kit's and Agatha's blog about the french fries ... argh damn tempting and i wanna eat it too ! so...... damn gain some weight ! 2000+ calories ... so regret .... wondering how long i need to run to get these calories outta my body ... oh kay ... let me explain how i gain weight today ... a fillet o fish + regular french fries + coke .... after that went Allen's house and he keep on ask me wanna eat ? aduh ! noodles ? fish ? tiramisu cake ? chocolates ? cookies ? aduh !! at first i said dunwan dunwan dunwan ... then he show me the cake ... walao eh ... so tempting again !!!!!! i try one small bite ... from that moment on , i knew i had do something wrong ... i cant stop eating it ... i ate 3 pieces of cake .... FINE ! think about the calories .... FFFF ~ he is like feeding me like a pig ? or elephant ? he even asked me whether want to take some chocolate back home ? its damn seducing for a "period girl" ~ i insist to say DUNWAN !!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrr ~

After that , i went jogging with my daddy for like an hour ....

Then , when im home , mom asked me to go and have the dinner ... and she asked me to finish it ! she cook "tong po yuk" , i dunno how to explain in english ... kicap daging ? dunno lar ~ then its so delicious that i finished all =_=" .... so what do you think ? very brave huh ? eating like im a slim hot girl who no need care for her body shape ~

One word - DAMN !

My instinct told me i will have sore throat soon ....

Another DAMN !


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