Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Yes im not dead yet , just a lil bit of lazy ~ Aha !

Btw did not have any interesting event happened ~ Thats why ...

Yday , i bought a new phone for myself ... G705 ~ i suppose to buy G900 ~ but the seller keep on bla bla said it very slow ~ easily hang ~ but i was expecting for that touch screen phone ! SERIOUSLY , i cant wait ! i hate waiting ! so i choose this crap phone nice phone

It wasnt wat SUPER LATEST OR EXPENSIVE PHONE to show off , not blackberry or pda ~ not expensive yet not cheap ~ okok la can afford till i hang myself soon ~

This oso okay la ~ slide phone AGAIN ! the reason i bought it because it has WiFi + GPS ~ but the camera sucks man ! 3.2 megapixels looks like those 30 pixels ? dum dum dum ! then Allen said its okay la ~ the phone looks pretty nice and have functions i love ~ and i've got a canon camera d ~ so its okay ~ BUT its not really okay ~ i feel it seems to be more sux then my samsung ! oh my ... i miss my samsung ~ My samsung rocks man ! it had 2.0 megapixel which i think capture photo nicer than this ~ the only bad things about it is the battery life soooo short ! ~ however i will never abandon it ! but i also kinda like this newbie la ! Just accept it ~ got no choice ~ i dunwan to waste money to change phone again ~ crap of wasting money on high tecnology gadget ! worry get stolen worry this and that ! damn wrinkles coming liao lah !

Im gonna to starve for the next 3 months to balance back my money in my bank acc ~ this is one of my diet plan ! it works ~ After that , im craving for a new camera which water proof - Olympus ! water proof is much easier and tahan lasak lah ! this canon looks good but it seems to crack easily ~ i will leave it to mama and daddy la ~ i think its time for a new camera ? let me organize the money flow till i decide it !

Will upload my crap phone nice phone later ...

Here it is ....

Btw the phone is manufactured in Taiwan China ~ alamak freaks me out ! pray it wont spoilt in another 3 years ! I will take care it as my second hubby ! I hate AP phone ~~ if this phone spoilt then i swear i will never buy AP phone again ~

China products freak me out ! [ Mostly ]

Guys dun tell me what disadvantages or advantages of this phone ~ bcoz i am regret for buying it .......... let me heal myself T_T

I'm sorry daddy, for spending all the money u gave !!





miacco said...

bought new phone?
good what~

when u guys come 2 ipoh find me de?
i've been waiting~~

Sue said...

good meh ?
pokai d lor ~~

dunno ar ~
i oso wan go leh ~ haha
but no $$ !!

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