Friday, February 20, 2009

Diuz , u think what you've done only say those words !

Dont think everything of yourself is right ~ Disappointed in u TRULY DEEPLY ! i dunno how to face u during the time and my anger on u havent relieve , how ? fake myself and pretend that im okay ? fuck la ~ if u werent someone important me , why do i care ? anyway all i can i say is DISAPPOINTMENT !

Oh ya , i havent heard any apology from u ! Think before u act !

Niaaa seng ~ think back la ! WTF i got message history ! Fuck you lah , somemore hang yourself on top ! My patience has come to a limit ... All i can say is fuck you !

Do you want me to response in the pm as heartless as i can ? i could .... but when i think deeply , its not worth because u r still my friends ( BBF type )

Fine , I endure another day ...

On the next day,
FUCK U HARDLY !! Still write it on ur pm ?!? DIUZ !! [ chances have been given ]

All i wan to say is - FUCK YOU !

I will go and find them , btw most of the time , they find me !
And i know how to organize my timetable for different appointment , doesnt need ur help at all !


Sorry i might acting rude here , but i just wanna express my feelings ...
Eventually , nobody was fucked by me physically ...
Thank you ...



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