Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh jeez ~ i just realised my header ( that photo ) look damn hideous ... gotta change it ~ everybody its my time for Adobe Photoshop ! woohoo ~ so what you guys think ? i mean the new header ~ much better ? abit girlish though ~ dum dum dum ~ i even put a web feed icon on the right bottom ~ LOL dun ever missed out me in ur fav list - web feed ! yay ~ any comment bout the photo ... yea i know SHE looks completely different with ME , a liposuction or nose job maybe ?

Oh crap , im sick ...sore throat ... whatsoever , its a common sick , isnt it ? it pretty good when u r in pain and cant speak so u will be the listener ... analyse what they were trying to say ... pretty cool to become a MUTE for temporary... # take time to realise #

Just now read through some blogs , its kinda girlish and childish blog ? those girl are so obsessed of being a princess .... SUPER obsessed to their bf ~ cant live without their man .... every opening of their blog would be " i love my man " Oh yea i know u love your man , but is it too much ? Of course , they even so so obsessed with PINK and HELLO KITTY ? Okay i know i wont understand how fancy you are for HELLO KITTY ? Oh kay ~ alright ... i just feel im a completely different world with these young girlish teenagers .... Owh why do it makes me feel that im OLD ! or mature ? =_=

All of us are growing up from teenagers to adults , i think its quite sad to look at those secondary school photos with those uniform ... i was like owh , how young we are ... but now ~ its changing without knowing ... So cherish every moment ! Forgive and Love

Just face the truth that im old , Damn !

My sis text me and called me a WOMAN ?!?! Oh should i happy ?

[ Pimples on my face does not makes me look younger , duh ! ]


yaya said...

im different v those girlish gal too ar...
yeah...u got a company..

Sue said...

lol ~ haha yeap ! ^^

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