Friday, February 27, 2009

Yday cant sleep well ... so freakin cold even though i had put my thick thick blanket on ~ Oh kay , nightmares again ! i can feel my body is hot hot hot .... headache ~ neck pain ? i dun understand why my neck will pain .... it is ridiculously pain ! Why ? When i woke up this morning , feels like walking on a cloud ~ floating ~ then my joint so pain ... what ? am i really tat old ? When i go downstairs , my mom ask me question , i just response her by nodding head ~ then she asked what happened ? sore throat ? i said "yea" , my voice is so soft that barely cant hear ~ then my mom keep on nag nag nag nag nag ~ say good lor , ask u go to sleep early , dunwan bili bala bili bala ~ then while i was eating bread , my mom imitate my voice and laugh at me =_= MOMMY !!!! SWT to the MAX !!!!!!!!

I was still hestitating whether wanna go kl tomorrow to attend my uncle's house warming ... i wish to see how big his house was ~ my mom told me it is 3 times bigger than my house ~ =_=

Here is the dilemma :

If i go , then i will be back from kl to kampar on sunday coz we will stay overnight there , its quite tired ...

If i dunwan go with them , then sunday i will ride bus go back with hell lots of thing ...

If my dad go without me and mom , then he is quite lonely and pity ...

How how how ??


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