Sunday, February 15, 2009


Isnt it creative ? Simple yet easy !

Digital Macro ~

How sweet ? By myself ~ =_=

Valentines finally ended , lol finally ?

Nothing special ~ Dunno why ?

No suprise ? [ abit lor haha ]

Btw we went steamboat and fun fair =_=

We plan to go Al-Fresco ... Its closed X_X

Then , Polywata ... Its closed again ? X_X

Where the hell u guys went ?

Then we decide to go Lana ....Way toooooo much of ppl ! CROWDED !!

Ok fine ~ Then we pass by Fun Fair and go for a ride ~

RM5 for one ride ~ damn expensive for a fun fair like this !

Nevermind la ~ Once in a while ~

Then i suggested to go steamboat lor .....

im full till bloated ! Arghh ~

Kk accidentally pour a bowl of tomyam soup on my leg ...

Actually i think its my fault ~ so dun worry ~

Its not your fault ... ^^

Then went back lor .....

I thought we can go back and have some fun ~

But mom came back earlier than us ~

So , gotta cancelled !

Hmph ~!

Its okay la ~ I would like to thank you for everything =D

I would like to introduce Secondhand Serenade's new album - A Twist In My Story to all of you !

Its sooooo nice , i wish i could buy their CD - must be original ! Every song is so nice yet meaningful !

I wan go shopping !!!!!!!!!!!!! Can i ?

My demand on my new spotted hp has decreased ~ Oh why ? Before i was like soooo desperate for it ~ Now im a lil bored of changing new hp ~ im no longer soo desperate ~ Hmmm ?


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