Bored and Sleepy

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I am very very very very bored ! goshh ~ can i drive to ipoh today to fulfill my leisure time ? I wanna shopping but im broke ~ i wanna eat high calories food but im on diet ~ WTF

Whopps , mom even have a date tonight specially for Valentine's Day ~ How romantic huh ... Daddy wanna buy her a white gold necklace as valentine's gift ~ What bout me ? Daddy ~

Darn brother will hanging out with which girl ? I asked him " are u going out with ur gf ?" Dude he said " hold on , which gf r u mentioning ? A-Z which one ~ " Dude , u dun have a gf then its okay la =_=

Lovely sister text me and wish me Happy Valentine's Day , Muaxx ... then i reply him where she gonna celebrate with her bf , Alex ? ................ waited for so long , no reply =_= what u guys doing there ? *ahhemm*

Daddy ~ went to Taiping and gathering with his friends happily ... and he called my mom ask " Im having gathering with my friends at Taiping so where are u ? " My mom got abit of jealous ~ LOL and said " HOME LAH ! " Whoops~ Dun worry dad , ur white gold necklace will repay it ! Hahaha

So sleeepy ~ yawn ~*


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