Earth Hour

Friday, February 27, 2009

Just recieved a email from a friends about Earth Hour ~Malaysia will be taking part in a global movement to stand united with 1000 cities and its peoples for Earth Hour by switching off non-essential lights for one hour. Earth Hour, which will take place on 28 March 2009, 8.30pm to 9.30pm (local time), is aimed at promoting awareness to fight against climate change.

Lets support and save our earth ! hope i will not forget on 28 March =(

For more information , pls go to Earth Hour


Yday cant sleep well ... so freakin cold even though i had put my thick thick blanket on ~ Oh kay , nightmares again ! i can feel my body is hot hot hot .... headache ~ neck pain ? i dun understand why my neck will pain .... it is ridiculously pain ! Why ? When i woke up this morning , feels like walking on a cloud ~ floating ~ then my joint so pain ... what ? am i really tat old ? When i go downstairs , my mom ask me question , i just response her by nodding head ~ then she asked what happened ? sore throat ? i said "yea" , my voice is so soft that barely cant hear ~ then my mom keep on nag nag nag nag nag ~ say good lor , ask u go to sleep early , dunwan bili bala bili bala ~ then while i was eating bread , my mom imitate my voice and laugh at me =_= MOMMY !!!! SWT to the MAX !!!!!!!!

I was still hestitating whether wanna go kl tomorrow to attend my uncle's house warming ... i wish to see how big his house was ~ my mom told me it is 3 times bigger than my house ~ =_=

Here is the dilemma :

If i go , then i will be back from kl to kampar on sunday coz we will stay overnight there , its quite tired ...

If i dunwan go with them , then sunday i will ride bus go back with hell lots of thing ...

If my dad go without me and mom , then he is quite lonely and pity ...

How how how ??


Thursday, February 26, 2009

SORE THROAT is killing me .........................................................................

I can feel FEVER is coming to visit me soon .....

Throat so pain ...

Even affected my ears ...

Both of it are so pain ...

Hardly cant speak now ....

Enduring the pain ...

Why its so effing cold here ....

While my body is soooooo hot like a stove ...

Oh gosh , u can barbeque on my body ...

Hands are so cold while the body is so hot ...

Am i dying soon ?











Owh , come on , its just a fever !

Btw , thank you THANK YOU VERY MUCH !


Oh jeez ~ i just realised my header ( that photo ) look damn hideous ... gotta change it ~ everybody its my time for Adobe Photoshop ! woohoo ~ so what you guys think ? i mean the new header ~ much better ? abit girlish though ~ dum dum dum ~ i even put a web feed icon on the right bottom ~ LOL dun ever missed out me in ur fav list - web feed ! yay ~ any comment bout the photo ... yea i know SHE looks completely different with ME , a liposuction or nose job maybe ?

Oh crap , im sick ...sore throat ... whatsoever , its a common sick , isnt it ? it pretty good when u r in pain and cant speak so u will be the listener ... analyse what they were trying to say ... pretty cool to become a MUTE for temporary... # take time to realise #

Just now read through some blogs , its kinda girlish and childish blog ? those girl are so obsessed of being a princess .... SUPER obsessed to their bf ~ cant live without their man .... every opening of their blog would be " i love my man " Oh yea i know u love your man , but is it too much ? Of course , they even so so obsessed with PINK and HELLO KITTY ? Okay i know i wont understand how fancy you are for HELLO KITTY ? Oh kay ~ alright ... i just feel im a completely different world with these young girlish teenagers .... Owh why do it makes me feel that im OLD ! or mature ? =_=

All of us are growing up from teenagers to adults , i think its quite sad to look at those secondary school photos with those uniform ... i was like owh , how young we are ... but now ~ its changing without knowing ... So cherish every moment ! Forgive and Love

Just face the truth that im old , Damn !

My sis text me and called me a WOMAN ?!?! Oh should i happy ?

[ Pimples on my face does not makes me look younger , duh ! ]


Wednesday, February 25, 2009


all i've been waiting ....

Yeapie !

hmmm ~

yumm ~delicious !!

want some ?

Ahaha he cant eat ~ sore throat !! thats why he saw me eating with this expression whole day ! I wont let u eat ~ lalala ~

Big rainbow !

Today .... woohoo ~ sleep like an ass till 12 pm and recieved a msg from Allen to fetch him to clinic ~ coz he got a fever and sore throat ... then i go and fetch him at 1 pm .... he is quite nervous to inform me that RESULT IS OUT ! i was driving ... it was like OH SHIT ! then i check my result at his house ... damn ! there is no failed ... however my CGPA dropped ! DAMN ! i suppose to score 2.8 or 2.9 ~ but i dunno why score like a piece of shit this sem ... but i admit i was quite lazy for this sem ... skipping class and not paying attention to the lecturer .... BUT .... feeling so down ... upset upset upset ... feel embarassed when ppl asked about my CGPA ... T_T I would like to thank all my poker groupmate for the sociology assignment ! i tot i will be so dead for sociology ... mana tahu , the least confident subject get B- =_= i think my coursework does help me a lot ! thanks a lot ! btw my most confident subject Webpage Design get C ~ WTF ! kanakanakanasai ~ Ahhh dunwan mention others d ...

Me and Allen are quite upset and we headed to MCD to express my feelings by eating ... especially french fries ...after look at Mei Kit's and Agatha's blog about the french fries ... argh damn tempting and i wanna eat it too ! so...... damn gain some weight ! 2000+ calories ... so regret .... wondering how long i need to run to get these calories outta my body ... oh kay ... let me explain how i gain weight today ... a fillet o fish + regular french fries + coke .... after that went Allen's house and he keep on ask me wanna eat ? aduh ! noodles ? fish ? tiramisu cake ? chocolates ? cookies ? aduh !! at first i said dunwan dunwan dunwan ... then he show me the cake ... walao eh ... so tempting again !!!!!! i try one small bite ... from that moment on , i knew i had do something wrong ... i cant stop eating it ... i ate 3 pieces of cake .... FINE ! think about the calories .... FFFF ~ he is like feeding me like a pig ? or elephant ? he even asked me whether want to take some chocolate back home ? its damn seducing for a "period girl" ~ i insist to say DUNWAN !!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrr ~

After that , i went jogging with my daddy for like an hour ....

Then , when im home , mom asked me to go and have the dinner ... and she asked me to finish it ! she cook "tong po yuk" , i dunno how to explain in english ... kicap daging ? dunno lar ~ then its so delicious that i finished all =_=" .... so what do you think ? very brave huh ? eating like im a slim hot girl who no need care for her body shape ~

One word - DAMN !

My instinct told me i will have sore throat soon ....

Another DAMN !


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Yday spotted a sexy dress .. it reminds me of Veeiean .. coz her bday is around the corner ... Do you want this dress to seduce Chee Eng on your bday ? Its barely naked ~ damn suit u la ... so do u want this as ur bday present ? Chee Eng gonna like it and you will love it when Chee Eng like it ~ Hohoho

Btw , AGATHA ! Ur french fries photo is damn tempting ... aaa ~ i miss french fries , but it damn fattening ... i havent eat it for 3 month + ..... T_T


Insomnia ...

Worrying ...

Are you okay ?


Feel sorry couldnt take care of you ...

Still worrying ...

Hope you get well soon ...

My bitch is coming back on Thursday ~

Okayyy ~

Btw my 2GB M2 card had spoilt ?

I think it is ~

By me ....

Neh ~~

" Kehhh Gao " go and transfer many many many many songs ...

I dunno which song bang which song and make my phonie HANG !

Woohoo ~ sweating =_="

Any folder also can open but music folder cant open ...

Even master reset it , still cant open though !


You guys have any idea ?

Luckily wasnt Picture folder ...

I will kill myself if that couldnt open ...

What i have to do is ....

Use back the 1GB Sony M2 card =_="

Whatsoever lah ~

Consoling myself with lame excuses ...

Aiya maybe Sony brand will suit my phone better leh ?

Aiya maybe my phonie wont hang easily anymore leh ?

Aiya ...

Aiya face the truth la =_= "

Abit of pissed off nia ~

Take care & Miss ya ~

[ Thinking what can i do for my ... ]

Again ?

Monday, February 23, 2009


It had already ended for a period of time ...

But why i still can feel the pain in me ...

Everytime i think about it ...

It feels like just happened yesterday ...

Eyes started to flood with tears ...

The pain are so real ...

But why ?

Even though Im happy now ...

Why ?

Arghhh ...

Please take the pain away from me ....

[ am i dreaming ? tell me is this forever ? ]


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Today is just another boring day ...Owh please i suppose to live it like no tomorrow ! but for now , life is meaningless , stuck at home ... waiting for doomsday ? Whatsoever ... Life sucks without love !

clumsy cause im falling in love ~ cant help it ~ girl ~ cant help it !

Obviously this is from Fergie - Clumsy ...

What about mine ?

clumsy cause im falling to the ground ~ cant help it ~ oh !

Today i fell to the ground because the floor is wet ... nono its flood !

I fell real hard ... butt really pain ...

There is a bruise on my butt now ~

Awww ~

I am really very hungry ~
are you coming ?
I am a very very impatient person ...
So sorry i hate to wait ...

Uh ?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just now i saw this info from a website that Ah Mi intro me to go and take a look ... then i look and saw this ~ It maybe funny ~ LOL ...

10 Stages Of Dating
  1. Chit chat , walk together and stares at each other sometimes
  2. Hold hands
  3. Hold waist
  4. Kissing under trees or somewhere dark
  5. Kissing and touching each other's body
  6. Kissing , touching and touching breast
  7. Suck your breast or nipple ? LOL ! [ Imagine ...... ]
  8. Touching each other's xxx part ~ [ Geng ~ ]
  9. Kissing in naked figure and blowjob ~ [ Wow ~ ]
  10. Have SEX ! [ Yeah Congrats ! =_= ]

So to all those who have gf or bf , for example Miss VEEIEAN ~

which stages you had already gone through ?

Muahaha ~

But no matter what stage you've gone through ~ dun ever forget about SAFETY PRECAUTION ya ~


If you were fighting or arguing with someone you love now ? Then please listen to this song ,

Mad by Ne-Yo

Two thumbs up for this song ! Meaningful !

If i was Ne-Yo's gf and he sing this song to me ....

I will definitely forgive him ! Ahaha ~

Im completely in love with this song !

Go listen it and tell me what you think ~

Oh oh oh, oh oh oh...
Oh oh oh...

[Verse 1]
She's starin' at me,
I'm sittin', wonderin' what she's thinkin'.
Nobody's talkin',
'Cause talkin' just turns into screamin'.
And now as I'm yellin' over her,
She yellin' over me.
All that that means
Is neither of us is listening,
(And what's even worse).
That we don't even remember why were fighting.

So both of us are mad for...

(Fighting for).
(Crying for).
But we won't let it go for
(No not for)
This should be nothin' to a love like what we got.
Ohhh, baby...

I know sometimes
It's gonna rain...
But baby, can we make up now
'Cause I can't sleep through the pain
(Cant sleep through the pain).

Girl, I don't wanna go to bed
(Mad at you),
And I don't want you to go to bed
(Mad at me).
No, I don't wanna go to bed
(Mad at you),
And I don't want you to go to bed
(Mad at me)
Ohhh no no no...

[Verse 2]
And it gets me upset, girl
When you're constantly accusing.
(Askin' questions like you already know).
We're fighting this war, baby
When both of us are losing.
(This ain't the way that love is supposed to go).

[What happened to workin' it out] .
We've fallen to this place
Where you ain't backin' down
And I ain't backin' down.

So what the hell do we do now...
It's all for...

(Fighting for).
(Crying for).
But we won't let it go for
(No not for)
This should be nothin' to a love like what we got.
Ohhh, baby...

I know sometimes
It's gonna rain...
But baby, can we make up now
'Cause I can't sleep through the pain
(Cant sleep through the pain).

Girl, I don't wanna go to bed
(Mad at you),
And I don't want you to go to bed
(Mad at me).
No, I don't wanna go to bed
(Mad at you),
And I don't want you to go to bed
(Mad at me)
Ohhh no no no...

Oh baby this love ain't gon be perfect,
(Perfect, perfect, oh oh).
And just how good it's gonna be.
We can fuss and we can fight
Long as everything alright between us
Before we go to sleep.

Baby, we're gonna be....

Baby I know sometimes
It's gonna rain...
But baby, can we make up now
'Cause I can't sleep through the pain
(Cant sleep through the pain).

Girl, I don't wanna go to bed
(Mad at you),
And I don't want you to go to bed
(Mad at me).
No, I don't wanna go to bed
(Mad at you),
And I don't want you to go to bed
(Mad at me)
Ohhh no no no...


It should work on any brand include Nokia , Sony Ericsson , Samsung ... bla bla bla ~

Press *#06# on your phone and check the IMEI number , check the 7th and 8th digit...

If the seventh and eighth digits are 02 or 20 , which means ur cell phone is assembled in CHINA which is low quality !

If the seventh and eighth digits are 08 or 80 , which means ur cell phone was manufactured in Germany which is fair quality ~

If the seventh and eighth digits are 01 or 10 , which means your cell phone was manufactured in Finland which is very good ~ !

If the seventh and eighth digits are 00 , which means your cell phone was manufactured in Original Factory which is the BEST MOBILE QUALITY !

If the seventh and eighth digits are 13 , which means your cell phone was assembled in Azerbaijian [ Where is it ? =_= ] then u can throw ur phone away because it is a VERY BAD QUALITY and DANGEROUS FOR YOUR HEALTH !

Everyone try it ~ It is best if your number is 00 or 01 or 10 ~ Good quality ~

But mine ?

KANASAI ! its 02 !!! CHINA AGAIN !!! LOW QUALITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Niaaaaaaa seng ~


Currently listening to Ne-Yo - Mad .


Today i went TF with Allen ... just go for walk after take our breakfast ~ we saw a lot of bowl , different size with different price , then Allen said :" Hey buy this for Veeiean as birthday present la ! Let her choose which size she want ~ " Wahahahah ... So Veeiean choose which size u want ? You know where to put right ? *ahhemm* !

this size ?

or flat one ?

deep one la ~ look bigger on u ~

So grossss ~ Balitong ~

My happy dog ~ She is pregnant AGAIN !

Look at her nipples all "lembik" liao ..


Friday, February 20, 2009

Diuz , u think what you've done only say those words !

Dont think everything of yourself is right ~ Disappointed in u TRULY DEEPLY ! i dunno how to face u during the time and my anger on u havent relieve , how ? fake myself and pretend that im okay ? fuck la ~ if u werent someone important me , why do i care ? anyway all i can i say is DISAPPOINTMENT !

Oh ya , i havent heard any apology from u ! Think before u act !

Niaaa seng ~ think back la ! WTF i got message history ! Fuck you lah , somemore hang yourself on top ! My patience has come to a limit ... All i can say is fuck you !

Do you want me to response in the pm as heartless as i can ? i could .... but when i think deeply , its not worth because u r still my friends ( BBF type )

Fine , I endure another day ...

On the next day,
FUCK U HARDLY !! Still write it on ur pm ?!? DIUZ !! [ chances have been given ]

All i wan to say is - FUCK YOU !

I will go and find them , btw most of the time , they find me !
And i know how to organize my timetable for different appointment , doesnt need ur help at all !


Sorry i might acting rude here , but i just wanna express my feelings ...
Eventually , nobody was fucked by me physically ...
Thank you ...


mmm ...

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Do u know what is bored ?

- Stimulating no interest or enthusiasm -

Guess what ?


I nearly died of boredom

Deeply felt the meaning of boredom !

I miss Veeiean .... Long time no meet her d .... She was like half of me , know and understand me so well .... I got hundreds , millions and tonns of words to talk to her !!!

Im still thinking of your birthday present .... headache la ~coz u got everything u wanted ... whatever branded things u also got ... hmmm ~ give me some clues la ...

Stop saying i lied u la ! KANASAI , i really miss u la dear !

I am really bored ! SAVE ME !

Started to adapt to this shit phone !

F - G705

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fck this phone la - G705 ! I hate it la ... damn it ~ dunno why i hate this phone before ~ dunno why i will decide to buy this phone ... just something weird about this phone , just cant figure it out ~ Damn la ~ so many functions for wat ?
suxx i rather pick W595 which is cheaper and nicer ! so heartache that bought a $@*&^*&@# phone ! I JUST HATE IT ! Damn i wanna sell to others ! Hate it !
Allen said he likes it , its okay for him ... but for me ! Sucks lah ! i just dislike the appearance .... but i do like the wifi part la ... =_= AHHH HATE IT !!!!



A week ..............


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Yes im not dead yet , just a lil bit of lazy ~ Aha !

Btw did not have any interesting event happened ~ Thats why ...

Yday , i bought a new phone for myself ... G705 ~ i suppose to buy G900 ~ but the seller keep on bla bla said it very slow ~ easily hang ~ but i was expecting for that touch screen phone ! SERIOUSLY , i cant wait ! i hate waiting ! so i choose this crap phone nice phone

It wasnt wat SUPER LATEST OR EXPENSIVE PHONE to show off , not blackberry or pda ~ not expensive yet not cheap ~ okok la can afford till i hang myself soon ~

This oso okay la ~ slide phone AGAIN ! the reason i bought it because it has WiFi + GPS ~ but the camera sucks man ! 3.2 megapixels looks like those 30 pixels ? dum dum dum ! then Allen said its okay la ~ the phone looks pretty nice and have functions i love ~ and i've got a canon camera d ~ so its okay ~ BUT its not really okay ~ i feel it seems to be more sux then my samsung ! oh my ... i miss my samsung ~ My samsung rocks man ! it had 2.0 megapixel which i think capture photo nicer than this ~ the only bad things about it is the battery life soooo short ! ~ however i will never abandon it ! but i also kinda like this newbie la ! Just accept it ~ got no choice ~ i dunwan to waste money to change phone again ~ crap of wasting money on high tecnology gadget ! worry get stolen worry this and that ! damn wrinkles coming liao lah !

Im gonna to starve for the next 3 months to balance back my money in my bank acc ~ this is one of my diet plan ! it works ~ After that , im craving for a new camera which water proof - Olympus ! water proof is much easier and tahan lasak lah ! this canon looks good but it seems to crack easily ~ i will leave it to mama and daddy la ~ i think its time for a new camera ? let me organize the money flow till i decide it !

Will upload my crap phone nice phone later ...

Here it is ....

Btw the phone is manufactured in Taiwan China ~ alamak freaks me out ! pray it wont spoilt in another 3 years ! I will take care it as my second hubby ! I hate AP phone ~~ if this phone spoilt then i swear i will never buy AP phone again ~

China products freak me out ! [ Mostly ]

Guys dun tell me what disadvantages or advantages of this phone ~ bcoz i am regret for buying it .......... let me heal myself T_T

I'm sorry daddy, for spending all the money u gave !!




Couple Pendant

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Any "Stairway To Heaven" fans here ? Okay i've been spotted this pendant since i watch this movie ~ Sooo damn nice in the drama ... but is this the same as tat in the drama ? the reliabilty is 20 % only for me ? but seems quite nice ~ Nevermind la ... i've got a long way to go to wear this couple pendant with my *ahhemm* ... [still searching]

How about this ?

This pendant is much much attractive than that one right ? Hmm both of oso nice ~ This looks great even though i didnt watch the whole drama [ watch a few episode only ] so i dun really know what the hell it talks about ...

So which you prefer ?

[ p/s: its just for entertaiment ]



Isnt it creative ? Simple yet easy !

Digital Macro ~

How sweet ? By myself ~ =_=

Valentines finally ended , lol finally ?

Nothing special ~ Dunno why ?

No suprise ? [ abit lor haha ]

Btw we went steamboat and fun fair =_=

We plan to go Al-Fresco ... Its closed X_X

Then , Polywata ... Its closed again ? X_X

Where the hell u guys went ?

Then we decide to go Lana ....Way toooooo much of ppl ! CROWDED !!

Ok fine ~ Then we pass by Fun Fair and go for a ride ~

RM5 for one ride ~ damn expensive for a fun fair like this !

Nevermind la ~ Once in a while ~

Then i suggested to go steamboat lor .....

im full till bloated ! Arghh ~

Kk accidentally pour a bowl of tomyam soup on my leg ...

Actually i think its my fault ~ so dun worry ~

Its not your fault ... ^^

Then went back lor .....

I thought we can go back and have some fun ~

But mom came back earlier than us ~

So , gotta cancelled !

Hmph ~!

Its okay la ~ I would like to thank you for everything =D

I would like to introduce Secondhand Serenade's new album - A Twist In My Story to all of you !

Its sooooo nice , i wish i could buy their CD - must be original ! Every song is so nice yet meaningful !

I wan go shopping !!!!!!!!!!!!! Can i ?

My demand on my new spotted hp has decreased ~ Oh why ? Before i was like soooo desperate for it ~ Now im a lil bored of changing new hp ~ im no longer soo desperate ~ Hmmm ?

Bored and Sleepy

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I am very very very very bored ! goshh ~ can i drive to ipoh today to fulfill my leisure time ? I wanna shopping but im broke ~ i wanna eat high calories food but im on diet ~ WTF

Whopps , mom even have a date tonight specially for Valentine's Day ~ How romantic huh ... Daddy wanna buy her a white gold necklace as valentine's gift ~ What bout me ? Daddy ~

Darn brother will hanging out with which girl ? I asked him " are u going out with ur gf ?" Dude he said " hold on , which gf r u mentioning ? A-Z which one ~ " Dude , u dun have a gf then its okay la =_=

Lovely sister text me and wish me Happy Valentine's Day , Muaxx ... then i reply him where she gonna celebrate with her bf , Alex ? ................ waited for so long , no reply =_= what u guys doing there ? *ahhemm*

Daddy ~ went to Taiping and gathering with his friends happily ... and he called my mom ask " Im having gathering with my friends at Taiping so where are u ? " My mom got abit of jealous ~ LOL and said " HOME LAH ! " Whoops~ Dun worry dad , ur white gold necklace will repay it ! Hahaha

So sleeepy ~ yawn ~*


Friday, February 13, 2009


I got a bad feeling when u told me about that ....
My instinct told me this is not easy ....
It would be harder than you thought ...
How long can it last ?

Upset Upset Upset !

Happy ending ?

I do feel my presence unwanted

Did i do anything wrong ?


Valentines ~


Its valentines ~ i mean tomorrow la =_="
Single person like me will hanging out with my single friends ~ ahaha ~ it would be a single gathering ~ but , so far all of us does not have any transport ... so how ? die lor ~
Guys gotta spend lots of money huh ? Girls gotta make themself as pretty as possible ? LOL ~
Wish everyone have a great valentines tomorrow !!

Take a look at these beautiful roses that i will never owned =(

slow connection =(

sick.flu =(

Happy Valentine's Day !!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Recently i used up my facial foam ... i just simply buy a facial foam for temporary use ~ i bought Elianto .... the sales girl ~ nono is a sales woman =_= said this good tat good ~ oklo when i wan buy it , then she intro another which is better ... then say is organic bla bla ... oklo ~ i think it will be okay ... coz just for temporary ~ i bought the product plus other all together cost RM94 ~ Mana tau ! Now already the fifth day ... it feels soooooooooo damn DRY !!!!!!!!!!! today i saw wrinkles ! Damn ! im gonna throw this rubbish away !!!!!!!!!!!

* Now im speechless over the edge , just breathless , I never thought that i will catch this love bug again ~ Now im hopeless , head over heel in the moment , I never thought that i'd hit by this love bug again ~ *

Ah ?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Erm ... ?
Abit of speechless ...
Abit of unbelivable ...
Abit of confusing ...
Abit of weird ?
Abit of worry ~

Give me some time to find back the feeling ~
Because im still in the condition of disappointment

Hmm ~
Is this real ?
Serious ?
Tak tau ~

Im afraid it will be just another game
How long ?
Just cant believe its happening ...

But ~
However ~
Its pretty cool and fun !
Exciting !

Woohoo ~
No longer single !

[ p/s : Just kidding hahahahahaha =_= ]

Love Philosophy

Monday, February 9, 2009

To My Friends Who Are Single
Love is like a butterfly. !
The more you chase it, the more it exludes you.
But if you just let it fly, it will come to you when you least expect it.
Love can make you happy but often it hurts, but love's only special when you give it to someone who is really worth it.
So take your time and choose the best.

To My Friends Who Are Not So Single
Love isn't about becoming somebody else's 'perfect person'.
It's about finding someone who helps you become the best person you can be

To My Friends Who Are Playboy or Playgirl Type
Never say 'I love you' if you don't care. Never talk about feelings if they aren't there.
Never touch a life if you mean to break a heart.
Never look in the eye when all you do is lie.

To My Friends Who Are Married
Love is not about 'it's your fault', but 'I'm sorry' .
Not 'where are you', but 'I'm right here'
Not 'how could you', but 'I understand and'.
Not 'I wish you were', but 'I'm thankful you are'.

To My Friends Who Are Heartbroken
Heartbreaks last as long as you want and cut as deep as you allow them to go. ?
The challenge is not how to survive heartbreaks but to learn from them.

To My Friends Who Are Naive
How to be in love: Fall but don't stumble, be consistent but not too persistent,
share and never be unfair, understand and try not to demand,
and get hurt but never keep the pain.

To My Friends Who Are Possesive
It breaks your heart to see the one you love happy with someone else.
But it's more painful to know that the one you love is unhappy with you.

To My Friends Who Are Afraid To Confess
Love hurts when you break up with someone.
It hurts even more when someone breaks up with you.
But love hurts the most when the person you love! has no idea how you feel.

To My Friends Who Are Still Holding On
A sad thing about life is when you meet someone and fall in love, only to find out in the end that it was never meant to be and that you have wasted years on someone who wasn't worth it.
If he isn't worth it now he's not going to be worth it a year or 10 years from now. Let go.....

To All My Friends
My wish for you is a man/women whose love is honest, strong, mature, never-changing, uplifting, protective, encouraging, rewarding and unselfish.

yllanif - finally

Sunday, February 8, 2009

At last , i finished 5 subjects ..... today , sociology .... finally ended ! when i finished , i was like OMFG ! YES !! IM DONE !!!!!! because i hate sociology .... it was like a wtf subject ... study about what norms , latent , manifest ... bili bala ~ am i going to talk with ppl with these theory ? Whatever ... finally it has ended ... now left the only one - Marketing ! Yeapie ! Dont know why im not afraid of Marketing ... Confident ? i think most probably is my heart already flew away to somewhere ... hoho !
Time pass very fast .... tomorrow will be the day of mine xxx ! we have been planning for this trip since 3 weeks ... ? Even though less ppl ( 2 ppl only =_= ) ... but i think it will be fun anyway ... Hope everything will be okayy ~ we will be safe ! God bless us ...
I've been planning to buy the phone before this trip because i want to capture more photo even though i will bring my camera along ~ but i wanted to record ~ ~ ~ arghhh ... but today i called the shop and he told me it is out of stock ! wtf , i need to wait till next week ! @$%^#@% quite disappointed ~
Daddy finally retired .... should i said finally ? its a good sign or bad sign ? i don't know ~ but i know that from now on he is jobless ~ aha no income ~ [ why am i laughing ? ] so i gotta spend wisely ~ im happy that he will be home with my mom , coz obviously my mom is super lonely ! She raise so many dogs in our house and talk to them .... even play hide and seek with them.... Mom , are u okay ? im so worried ~ luckily daddy is back ! Pheww ~ but my dad said he is gonna raised a fierce dog like Rottweiler or Bull Terrier ... OMG ~ by the way , one of my dog really ...... HORNY ! after i bath and wear nicely , going out ~ then he lick my leg ~ so geli larrrrr ~ and i need to bath again when im back .... im going to be bald if continue like this .... Here is another case , when i sit on the bench , and they all come over and sit in front me ~ okay then i "sayang" them ~ the dog ! lick my leg .... and continuously lick near my *ahhemm* ! i shout and run away ~ walao ... no doubt he is a male dog ~ but i still love each of them even though they are quite horny ... =_=
By the way , im quite upset cant join Jo Yi them to steamboat at her house in Kampar ~ my tb6 long time no see !! miss u guys !! [ Sing Ee , Yee Shan , Jo Yi , Miko , Ashley , Sin Yee , Jason , UNCLE and GINNY !!! ] Sem 3 we will meet again ~ that will be our last sem together .... we have to spare every single time together ! aha ~
Time for sleep , gonna charge my camera as well as my mind ! Aha ~ Tomorrow will be a great day ! we will have fun together ! Yeapie !! Pray that the weather will not spoilt my plan or i will pissed out ~ God PLEASE Bless Us !
*finger crossed*

Its over ~~

Thursday, February 5, 2009

sweating palm ....
butterfly in stomach ....
after i opened the question paper and read thru ...
no more anxious feelings ....
because ...
im already certified dead !
so so dead ...
its raining ~
it feels so good ...
to sleeeeeeep
i do need a rest !
tomorrow - writting for mass comm ~
aha relax relax ~
i bet nobody will fail this subject =D
its great to chat with my poker ass and poker boobs ~
however we missed out poker head .... mana sing eeeeeeeee ?
paint wall together ya ~ promise !
wei wei wei i miss u guys la ... T-T

Fed Up

Having had enough ~ one more hour to go , the exam will starts .......
management studies !
management studies !
management studies !
just when i thought i memorize all of it and study another chapter .... and memorize again again and again ~ when i think back , its such a mess ... i dunno which refers to which .... i need a link to remind me ! its too late i guess .... now its behind my head .... no idea ~ clueless
btw i did tried my best ! i've been study and memorize it since 6 am in the morning till 10 am ...
never stop ...............
forgive me daddy if i failed this ~


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Final Final Final ~ Yes ! Im holding buddha's leg hope my final can get a better result la ~ im satisfied with my CGPA already ... i would love to if it raise to 3.0 but dun ever fall lower than 2.6 ~

I've got no mood for final , seriously its all because of this upcoming Sunday ! Cant wait for the day to come but 2 days 1 night is just too little time to spend and relax ~ Wish i can have 3 days 2 nights but there is another final subject which is Marketing ~ Duh Duh Duh ....

After that it will be our sem break ... wondering where to go to play before sem 3 starts .... Hope i can gather with poker ass , poker boobs and poker head during sem break ~ We havent chat and keng kai for a long time since the chinese new year ... We dun even have time for chit chat now bcoz its exam season ... just pass by and hello bili bala a while then go back ... LOL ~

Do you guys remember 14 of February ? Yeap its Valentine's day ! Hope all my friends who are in a relationship can spend the very romantic moment with their loves one ! Yay , no argue no break up ~ Pheww , guess i will be hanging out with my buddies on that very very romantic day ~







No bf ?

Find your buddies ! [ single only ]





No roses ?

Okay there are plenty of wild flowers at roadside , pick it and decorate it , save money lah ! Roses are extremely expensive on Valentine's day even though its a must must on Valentine's day...





No gift ?

Buy yourself one la or exchange present with your friends ~ Aiya no need la , economy crisis ! Save your $$ dude !





No love ?

Sorry its not available ! Aha ~ Gotta search for your own

In my opinion , its not necessary to spend the day with a guy or a girl ~ as long u enjoy it ! Of course i would love to spend with my loves one , too bad im SINGLE ! Aha ~ Peace ! [ overall single wasnt that bad , enjoy the freedom and loneliness as Ah Mi said =D ]

Continue with my revision - Management Studies !
[ as you wish jar jar mommy - updated ! ]

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