Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yesterday accidentally press the auto gate button and my dog .... stuck there !!!!! so pain ~ ! i dunno where is him now ....... once i open my gate , he run away ~ i am really very sorry ! i didn see u entering my house !! later i will go find him back ~ should i send him to a vet ?I gotta see how serious his condition is ..... Ahhhh i hate auto gate !

Also scolded by mom ... 1 am very late ? i dun think so , its new year okay ? why dun u say scold me because of the dog incident , dun use the reason of saying i come home late ... On the first day of new year , i come back at 3 am ~ but u said nothing ... and yesterday is the fifth day only ... Arghh just forget about it ... u started to show ur weird behavior since dad , sis and bro gone back ... dun worry i will be going back tomorrow ... i just couldnt study when u are around ... stop nagging me , i know what am i doing .... and dun use me as ur release anger tools when u r pissed off .... Also , im no longer ur little girly Susie ! Im 18 going on 19 !! Thats all and i still love u and papa ~ [ maybe i love papa more ]

Just now saw an quite meaningful article ...

It takes three seconds to say I love you ,
three hours to explain it and a wholelife time to prove it .

Nicee ~

[ I think i lost my "sibling" , we were so far , no longer the best ..... why did i lost everyone that i aprreciate ? ]


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