Sunday, January 18, 2009

I felt soooo PAIN !!!


My Legs !

Ouch ! Here i will explain why ...

Friday -

Play "Jumping Frog" with Seng Le then run with him ~ He challenge me see who will surrender first ~ Of course , me ... will not surrender so easily ... So we keep on jump till nearly faint then only stop ~ Okay nobody lose nor win ~ So ...FAIR and SQUARE !

Saturday -

Went jogging in the early morning with Alvix at Speedy ~ The determination came from a McDonald french fries that i ate on friday night ! Its soo damn fattening babe ! I gotta run to lose the fats away ~ So , i jog slowly around the field for 3 rounds non stop ~ I dun feel like im jogging but flying ...My leg does not feel tired but my feet hurt because i wear the Puma shoes which is not a running shoes ~ So i gotta stop after the third round ~ After that , accompany Alvix go market eat breakfast ~ i eat nothing but looking at him ... after half an hour then i only started to eat ... i ate 2 diet cookies which is low calories !

Sunday -

I woke up and found out my leg barely cant move .... SO PAIN BABY !! Walk on the stairs also pain ... squad also pain ... sit also pain ... what also pain ... but i still insist go to jog with CK and KK at Speedy again ... this time i jog for 2 rounds non stop only because my feet injured ... for the first round , i already feel the pain and i endure till i ended the second round ... When i remove my socks and found out its injured ... PAIN ! but this is not the most pain overall ... My muscles started to feel pain NOW ! i really barely cant move now .... i think i need a wheel chair ~ But it will not stop me from exercising ~

i will still jogging to lose some weight before chinese new year , i wanna look good on chinese new year... even though my friends said im slimmer now but i dun think so , look at those fats on my legs and tummy , Ewww DISGUSTING...IM STILL A FAT ASS ! Coming home will cause me gain weights ! Mama always cook cook cook and bought me chocolates walnut brownies , banana cakes , sushi , and scallop porridge ! SCALLOP i love that to the max ! thats why , everyday i will remind my mom not to cook ! Pheww ~ i will keep on exercise till i drop , nothing gonna stop me ~ haha whatever pain , i will endure to get the perfect shape ... Come on everyone lets exercise !

Oh ya hope i will not gain weight during chinese new year and back to the Old Fatty Sue .. No junk foods , No soft drinks , No oily or fried foods , No CHOCOLATES ( HELL NO )! No spicy foods ... Gambateh !
Currently listening to : Love Remains The Same - Gavin Rossdale
Love his voice !


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