No Spicy !

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Noooo , i gotta stop eating spicy foods ...

should i said i gotta quit spicy ?

It is TOUGH !!

I love SPICY !!

but gotta stop eating it till my pimples gone ....

my face is getting terrible ....

why those reddish pimples so visible ??

argh ~ i gotta sleep early !

say no to oily food !

say no to chili !

say no to laksa ! T___T

say no to curry ! T____T

say no to tomyam ! T_____T

say no to sambal ! T________T

these are my fav food ! daaaaa ~~

whatever ~ i can do it !

for my beautiful face ~ i gotta to do it !

also , now everyday will be a bread a day !

thats all i've got !

good luck for my slimming plan !!

i will be beautiful someday ~

no scars no fats !

Yeah ~ definitely ...


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