New Year Count Down 2009 !

Friday, January 2, 2009

This is it ~

My Darling ~ i love her !

My emm , Horng ! Cutie ~

Scenery from the parking of Queensbay Mall

Siao Po and Siao Lao

Oi Huge Leg !

Bosco ~

this is cute !

i love this but i look fat


tam chiak ~

Lucky me to take this when he glance here !

Dumpling !

the same old pose when we went Kim Gary

Delicious !

Siew Long Pao ~

Funny Louise

Dragon-i [ waiting ]

He is so arrogant laaa

Allen said it looks like a bird ~ do you think so ?

Here we are

Beautiful Mom , Jar !

Well , i went Penang again for new year eve celebration ! with my friends ~~~ hahaha

after having my sociology class [ i shouldnt go for that lecture !! watch movie =_= ] then we started our journey to Penang ! Wohoo ~ my room is such a mess because keep on change clothes and run here and there ~ LOL ~ the distance is quite far la , so need a 2-3 hours to reach there ....

around 5.30 pm , we finally arrived there ! such a jam jam jam ~ bcoz the Penang bridge is under construction ~ 2 lanes become 1 lanes ~ thats y ~ ! then we took lots of photo in the car ~ so happy to see the beautiful sea !! while jamming , we look at those cloud and guessing what it looks like ... LOL ~ then i called Alvix how to get Queensbay Mall because we wanna go for SHOPPING ! hell yeah ! we are shopaholic !!! yeah yeah , its easy ~ the road of Penang aint that complicated ~ we are lucky to find parking in a short time , then we jump out from the car and get into the mall !! haha Jar and I like a hunter , searching and hunting ! hahaha ... Louise soo soo hungry that she could faint , so we discuss where to eat for our lunch ~ and we decided Dragon-i instead of Sakae Sushi ! Sakae Sushi are too crowded and too much of ppl ~ so , we choose Dragon-i ... i share the noodle with Allen because seriously im in diet !! hahaha ~ the ramee really NICE !! and i love the siew long bao ~ the juice in the bao really irresistable !!!!!! arhhhh ~ u guys gotta try it for real ! even though its a bit pricey ~ hahaha once in a while , its okayyy ~ after that , we walk separately because we gotta hunt for our own thing ...hahaha ... there is alot of CUTE GUYS ! omg they were soooo cute lar ... too bad beside them got cute girl too ~ however , there is alot of LALAs tooo ~ amboi , dunno what to say .... one of the lala we saw when we at the high way toll ~ while we were queue-ing up and besides there is a Myvi with a lala who trying to act cool ~ his face is incredibly long ! very very long ! ~ so Allen called him " long long " hahaha , so ngam ! we met him at Queensbay Mall too ~ hahaha , Allen keep on scream hey Long Long a !! hahaha ~ what a cute name for him ~ Besides , looking at the sweet couple , J and L ! i wanna commit suicide if im all by myself .... luckily Allen accompany me ~ if not i will die bcoz it doesnt feel good to be light bulb !

Oh ya , before that i forgot to mention i met Horng and Alvix when having our lunch at Dragon-i ~ well , he is very cute , honestly im mentioning Horng ... hahaha ~ then they brought me a Baskin Robin ! Thank you ~~~ After that , i continue hunt for my stuff ~ i saw a sneaker from Puma ! its the latest and it is very special and unique !! too bad ,its a little bit pricey ~ RM359 ! so ... i called my dad ask for permission to buy it since its over budget ~ my dad persuade me buy others with soft voice ...haha okla , i listen to him la ... the way he talk just make me soft heart ~ so i choose another la ....Then i choose a nike sneakers from Nike Women ~ too bad , there was no size for me !! aaa ~ then i went for another shop called Royal Sporting bla bla to look for it , and there was NO SIZE also... ok fine ~ then i saw another Puma quite adorable ... and tat was the last pair ~! wuwuwu ~ i was like a headless fly , searching without direction .... at last , i bought an Adidas sneakers ~ because it looks okay okay for me ... satisfied lor ... i told myself that i must buy it here because its more hard to "bang shoes" in our campus ... if not , my mom will ask me go Ipoh buy .... i really doesnt wish to.... I went to Forever 21 ~ which Jar and I very fancy for ! i love the dress very much ~ however it is suitable for clubbing but not new year ~ imagine im wearing those sexy evening dress playing 21 and sat on the floor when new year ? =_= i really wan it but dunno wear to where ~ Besides , we met Bosco and dunno who Tan Sri Dato ? i dunno who is him , i know there are alot of guard surrounding them and bunch of teenagers screaming wanna to take photo with the Tan Sri Dato .... Bosco sing songs and promote the restaurant , Kim Gary ~ then hear them screaming like SIAO EH ! running here and there just to take photo of Bosco ~ Allen and i really felt speechless ... then we continue shopping and ignore Bosco ... but we did accidentally met him while he is walking down in a close distance ... haha i manage to take a photo of him ~

After that , we went Gurney for dinner ~ Jar sooo fancy bout Subway ~ and we ate our meal there .... just a bread with bacon and cost RM11.90 ~ i wanna hung myself ... then Veeiean called me and ask me to walk over Gurney Plaza ... imagine walking to Gurney Plaza from Gurney Hotel with high heels ~ Allen and i was like rushing there even run over there ... so tired and unfortunately we couldnt count down with them ... but we did saw a lot of beautiful fire works ~ there is a beautiful fireworks that last for around 10 mins at Queensbay Mall if im not mistaken ... then HAPPY NEW YEAR ! lol ~ then walk back to Coffee Island where Horng works ~ he serve us and so paiseh ~ haha he loves to smile , its okay la ... bcoz he is CUTE ! lol ~ all the best for him to go Taiwan ! we will meet again for sure =D Lastly , we went back and jam at the Penang Bridge for 1 hour and half ~ we arrived Kampar at 5.55am ! morning everyone ~

Expenses of the day : RM400+ X.X

Happy Birthday To Sing Ee !!

[p/s: did i missed any part ? ]


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