My First Time

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

[ xxx i deleted 2 photos of mine , i cant stand it whenever i look at it ... just too ugly xxx ]


Look at the needle ~

Yesterday .... i donated blood for the very first time ...

It started when Sin Yee called me and asked me wanna go donate blood , i said yeah ! lets go ... before that , we promise to go donate together ... then we skipped the writting for business tutorial and go for blood donation ~

Then , when we arrived , i was like soooo excited and quickly fill in the form ... Sin Yee very scare and i keep on comfort her .... hahaha ~ she wanna to donate blood but very scare ... the most scary fact is that need to measure my wieght ... wuwuwu somemore without shoes and stand on it .... and he write 63 kg !! So embarassing =_= OKAY IM FAT ! quickly hide it and run away ... Then Sin Yee and i queue-ing up while watching others donating ... I does not feel scare at all until i saw how big the needle is !!! i keep on comfort Sin Yee dun scare but myself very scare !! then both of us hugging together ~ wuwuwu ~ after that , i go and check my blood pressure ... mine is normal but then ...Sin Yee's is too low ~ means that i donate alone lor ~ aaa ~ then i quickly call Mi , Yee Shan , Sing Ee to skip the class and come and support me ... hahaha ~ then they say okok , coming luh... after that , i go and check my blood ... it cut me a little bit and put dunno what type of chemical substances ~ then i go to next station ~ which is check my information ... i suddenly saw he tick the box that 3 packs ... which means i need to donate 3 bags of blood ? i was FREAKED OUT and shouted HARRR ??? Then he explains to me that single packs is donate 300ml and three packs is donate 400 ml , just different 100 ml only ... if u donate single pack means u can save 1 life , if u donate 3 packs means u can save 3 lifes ... Then i said oklo ~~ saves more ppl life , which is me ! Yes it is ! Hahaha ~ After that , Carmen come and scare me how big the needle is and how pain it is ~ Ahhh !

Then the nurse guide me to the bed ... Then i am soooo nervous ! because the neddle is so HUGE !!! Sin Yee keep on comfort me , then Phoi Yeng comfort me ~ and Elaine ... hahaha ~ Elaine keep on ask me hows ur studies to separate my attention on the NEEDLE ! Thank you guys ! Hahaha she did it ... The nurse put the small needle into my blood vessel first ... its just pain a little bit ... Then the HUGE needle put into ....and it does pain ! but not as pain as i expected ... Phew then i keep on move my hand to pump blood ... I pump it really fast because i scare to lie on the bed .... So scary .... They said wow ur blood flow very fast ....haha then Rae come and take my photo ~ LOL very fast then i finished ... Then , the nurse take out the needle and does not pain at all ... Then she asked me to lie on the bed ... i doesn want because very scary , feels like going to a operation =_= ~ When i stand up, Sin Yee hold me and asked am i okay ? Erm i dun really think so ~ because eat abit of corn only ... then i didn sleep more than 5 hours ~ So ... feel like flying ... Then i drink Milo that they gave me ... Feel abit better ... After that , Mi , Sing Ee and Yee Shan only came ~ LATE liao laa ~ then i trying to stand up and walk ... i feel dizzy ~ nvm la ...i still can stand it ~ Phewwwwwwwwwwww ~

Be a donor to save a life !


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