Thursday, January 15, 2009


Awww , Dont be sad anymore ,

He does not deserve you to be sad like this ...

He is not a good guy ...

Why should we cry for a guy like this ?

Be tough ~

Maybe he is just not suit u ...

Think in positive way , Poker Ass ...

For me , i really cant stand such guy ...

But i know u love him very much ~

I dont know what to say ~

So all i can say is ...

Gambateh bah ...


miacco said...

he is still a good guy i believe,
and thats why the love started from both of you...

it is not to question whether he is deserving all the tears you shed anymore.
if you had already made up your mind,whatever decision is that, we will absolately by your side.

you can make it through and we will make you make it through~

SINGLE is still fun
LOVE is still sweet...

[really bad sue sue, he is the one your honey choose and love so much from the beginning mah~cant say he is not a good guy la~
just say not suitable mah~
i tried before...
it is really not syok to think that i had love some1 like this for so long~ ]

sheny said...

he is a good guy~but i think he not suit me lo~~sometime treat me very good,sometime no..never mind lah,i will go talk with he good good,if he really don want change his attitude,i also can force him anyore,so only one way~~that is Game Over~~thanks poker face and poker bo lo~~in this world still got other good guy waiting to love me de mah~~hahaha

Sue said...

bad mi mi ~ okloh ~ he is a good guy .... aaa i still dun think so ... hahahahahahaha wish sheny all the best lah ! Poker ass ! mana poker head ?

singee said...

haha~~poker head cum oso le~~~
poker ass~~jz follow ur heart~~
ok??~~yaya~~i think tat he's a good guy oso but too~~~大男人主义le~~haha~~poker ass~~b happy ya~~^^
we'll alwayz bside u~~^^

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