Lost & Insecure

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Exam is around the corner ... no is outside my door now ... GOSH ~ i havent study yet ! where my heart gone .... so so far away ... away from exam ... where my mind is .... where to find them back .... i want them back ... sometime tears fall for no reason , i dunno why does they keep falling apart .... but there must be something behind these tears ... just i dont know ... which tear is for which incident .... Can you figure it out ?

Sister and Alex back KL , Bro will go back tomorrow .... I will be super lonely without them .... Its no longer a chinese new year without them .... For me , my chinese new year will be ended after my bro back to KL which means tomorrow ...

Any way to stuck those notes into my brain and last for a week ? eat it all ? My feelings is so confused between chinese new year and exam .... this year is a weird new year for me ..... the feeling aint strong and not as excited as last year .... it feels like an ordinary gathering that puts us together to gamble and "gaining weight" ~ *sigh*


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