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Monday, January 5, 2009


ohhhhhh goshhhhhhh ~

exam is around the corner and im still like ntg to do ...havent even started study yet ~ i dunwan failed any subjects in this sem ! i wanna work hard for it !! i know i can do it ... yea so do u all ~ all i wan to do is study and get a good result ! i wont think other matters anymore , bcoz i realised that its already not a matter for me and i know i can get through it even though its tough ! yeap ! ... as long as i work harder and i believed my future will be brighter than the sun ! from now on , there will be no dark cloud but sunshine !

My friends do believed i can do it ! and thanks for their support and caring for all these days i've been through it ... even though havent completely healed ~ but almost ~ * winks *

Q , i decided to give up and
cherish him with the girl , haha ~ i think u and her more match and im not qualify because u r way too perfect for me , its sad that i wont find anyone like u anymore bcoz u r just so .... , i miss those days when we together and so happily ~ yeah , wish i could go back and i will not make any mistakes , its all my fault ~ , but why do i make another sad drama for myself to handle so its better quit it ? , there was nothing wrong for being a single ~ just a lil lonely sometimes ~ but thats alright ~ , btw im jus too little too late and its my fault at first ... take care ~ 愿有情人眷属 <-[ am i right ? any wrong spelling ?] =D
[ p/s: motivation needed ! ]


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