Monday, January 12, 2009

I heart him !

Wahaha , so many January intake students ... Our campus was like SO MANY PPL ~ because Degree students are back too ...Plus us ~ Woohoo ~ the cafeteria almost cant fit us in ... Even the bread also almost sold out ... Apa hal ni ?

Today we couldnt find parking ... =_= and we have to peek who is leaving and follow them , wait them to leave ... dont u think its a too little bit of exaggerated ? It was like searching parking some kind of shopping mall ~ Ahaha ...

Then we had our presentation today ... Also the premiere show of our advertisement ... Hahaha , tutor definitely love it because she even ask us to copy into her pendrive ... The whole class laugh , cheer and applause ~ hmmm seems like we did it ... Yeapie ! For the Marketing presentation , we presented it very fast due to the reason of a group is presenting it like a tortoise ... xxxx ....the given time is 10 minutes and u guys talk so many crap for what ? What bluetooth scanner ? how is that possible ? bluetooth photo into the scanner for what ? Really humpy dumpy ! Then we need to present it like driving train ~ Feeeeeeeeewww ~ I aint hate the leader but one of the group member ... Oh pls dun act like u r so professional okay ? Thank god Ginny help us ! If u continue talking crap there we will be dead ...All of us were so mad ~ Btw i forgive that leader of the group because he apologize to me ... Sorry i have no time and no mood to smile at u and say "Its okay ~" so i just ignore u ... Luckily we got time for Management presentation ... because we were the last group ...

After that , we waited outside Block B and saw hell lots of ppl ~ what happened ? There are 3 pretty handsome and cute guys which is January intake students .... One of them were so fair and cute ! woohoo ~ Sing Ee and Mi spotted another guy which sit beside him ... So means that they are friends !! But then , Mi told me that they are GAY ! OMFGG ~ What a waste ... now im doubting their relationship is beyond friend...T_T Secondly , i spotted Cute Cute which i very fancy at previous sem if im not mistaken ... Previous Sem , he has a very cute face but in this sem , he changed his hairstyle and look very " not cute " ~ But today he tied middle of his hair into pony tail ! Oh ... this is soooooo cute ! KUSO KUSO KUSO ! He is as fair as a snow white ... I cant keep my eyes off him la.... Well , he better dun untie his hair because it will look very messy ... Caren said look like bird nest ! Hahahah ~ After that , Yee Shan suddenly said " WALAO EHHH ~ " and then we look at where she look at ... Its a girl with tons of powder on her face ... and putting green eye shadow that is very obviously and heavy make up .... and she is carrying a LV bag ... I was like busying peeking is it real ? Whatever la , she is so young .... look kinda cute without make up ? or with make up ? argh ~ i dunno , i just know that she looks okayy so why u put so many powder on ur face ? and even steal ur mama's handbag ? [ the handbags really looks old ] Ahh , just forget about it ... However , we gotta wear pretty everyday ... because they are so many handsomes we havent check it out .. Aha ~ Single ladies ~ Lalala ~


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