Fireworks + Binging

Thursday, January 29, 2009

If u live in my house area then u will know what does it feels like in the war .... Every chinese new year , those RICH family will buy lots firecrackers just like my neighbour ~ Buy RM600++ firecrackers every year ... Buy something that u light up and sounds like "phewww boop boop boom phewwww boop boom ~" and sparks on the sky , and then the money gone ! Well , i love to watch those fireworks but i will not buy it ... Fireworks is a very common thing in my house area ... when u eating , surfing net , toilet-ing and even sleeping ... u actually will awake by those fireworks ! Some sounds like having war , suddenly BOOOOOOOM !!! ... thats y every night u will hear it till sien (during chinese new year season only ) However , it feels lonely when u hear them cheering after the fireworks , they sounds so happily ... but me ? so lonely blogging here alone with nobody ... T-T
Oh ya ,i hate a house that next next next to me ... their firecracker is soooooo ANNOYING ! those super noisy lousy firecracker ! freak my dogs out and they ran away to hide under the car ... =_= if they dare to throw one firecracker towards my dog , i swear i will blast their house out !
Enjoy a few photos that i took with my crappy hp ... teehee ~

I've been binge-ing this for 4 days and
IM FAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN !!!!!!!!
Look at my tummy ... it is so damn scary !!!!!! OMFG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOOK ! It is sooooo LONG !!!!

So tempting baby !

Oh ya wish my dearest Daddy Louise happy belated birthday ! Tadaa ~ on January 28 ! Opps Sorry =D

[p/s : Finally someone sms me ~ who is it ? ]


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